I want to do a group prosperity spell tonite during the lunar eclipse

So im with my brother right now he just finished his semester in college & a lot of his friends are graduating.

I want to do a prosperity spell for all of them together to strengthen their career paths & luck in general.

I was thinking 3 green candles, 3 gold candles, invoking king paimon & stating out loud the goals of the ritual while also burning the written spell while speaking it.

Then while the paper is burning ill chant LA MEN TENO as that incantation is said to manifest your desire.

If you guys have any suggestions for the ritual id love to add to it!


Sounds perfect, may you have plenty of luck and a following wind! :smiley:

Since the lunar eclipse will be in Scorpio, I would focus on removing blockages to get energy and prosperity flowing in. Cutting away the old to make way for new growth.

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Just finished my ritual. It was kinda windy outside but id say it was a success! Soon as i invoked king paimon the flames shot up despite the wind. Ive since moved everything inside to let it go a little longer and the energy was nice and warm like a glass of wine.

Blessings to all !

Purge the weakness

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I definitely feel powerful afterwards. Like i can bulldoze any obstacle in my way