I want to contact my dead brother

I was the first born out of my siblings but my mother has told me she had a miscarriage, ever since a child I have felt a presence of another child around me.

As I grew older he the childish presence of this spirit matured, I believe this maybe my brother.

I want to contact him and evoke him, question his how will I do this.

Since he doesn’t have a name, or anything I know about him any one got any ideas.


You could use your blood as a link to him.


Speaking of miscarriages. My mom miscarried a baby girl after I was born when I was a toddler, it was such a traumatizing experience she got her tubes tied. She tells me that she did it because toddlers are terrible.

She doesn’t know that I know.

Nagathex’s idea, blood as a link is a good idea. Using that coupled with recalling the feeling of that presence.

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I already thought of this since i’ve used it in ancestry work, but I’m trying to figure out what else I can do or what I could combine with the blood method.

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Maman Brígette comes to mind.

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Have u tried using a Ouija board? This might work… :confused: idk try it


Ouija boards man… Oh shit. Better take all the precautions before doing that D:

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