I want to conduct an experiment, but I need some insight

I’m a paranormal investigator/researcher and I have a device in mind that I would like to create and I’m looking for some insight on how to build it. First, there is a lot of speculation within the paranormal community on if devices like the ovilus x and the spirit box actually hold any validity to the answers they provide the investigator at haunted locations. Most people don’t understand the science behind these devices and it’s pretty cut and dry once you look at them for what they really are. They are random number generators in a sense and it’s proven that people can manipulate these random number generators to a certain degree when they focus on them. Working with these two devices I know for a fact that spirits can manipulate them and give you answers that you seek as well as you can manipulate them and answer your own questions with your subconscious. Now the question is how can you create something that would not be effected by your subconscious in a controlled experiment? This answer dawned on me when I was using my oujia board one day and that is what if I turned a ouija board into a random number generator and asked it questions while focusing on something entirely different? The proof from a device like this would be more validating then either one of the devices that I mentioned prior to this because it would be a lot harder for a spirit or even your subconscious to spell out words through an electronic Ouija board. This is where I’m at a loss, and outside of simple splicing wires I really don’t know what to do to create this device. I ordered a rasberry pi for it because I know this would be essential to program the device to light up randomly but that’s as far as I’ve gotten with this project because I really don’t know what else I would need to put this piece of equipment together. Any Ideas?

Paranormal investigation seems counterproductive to me. Why try and prove the existence of nonphysical beings to people who don’t give a shit about anything nonmaterial? Spirits directly interact with your subconscious mind producing heightened awareness to their presence. This often manifests in paranormal or poltergeist activity. But this experience is totally subjective and may be your all powerful mind interacting with the subjective reality you are in. I personally do not see any need to prove to anyone that Azazel did infact appear materialized in my ritual chamber. He did his job and manipulated reality to meet my needs. However I do find your pursuit intriguing and I wish you the best in creating your device. Onceyou have the device would you then evoke a spirit and interact with it through the device? Why not use a scrying mirror, or just evoke the thing to full materialization and have aconversation with the entity?

I’ve done the above but my reasons for making this are not about that. I really just want to make the device and see if it would really work. It’s in me to prove that this hidden world exists and personal experience doesn’t amount to anything in the eyes of everyone else. That’s my reason behind it. Besides I think it would be a cool device have regardless if it proves anything.

Also my fascination with science and the paranormal is what got me into the LHP. In order for me to keep my sanity in check I regularly use my paranormal equipment along with my rituals. In a sense you can look at it as dowsing with technology. Digital scrying lol. The main reason I do use this equipment is to document my results and document the changes in my environment. It’s pretty exciting when you do an evocation and can reflect upon it by hearing the demons voice responding to you by evp.