I Want to buy Copy of Necromantic Sorcery by Dante Abiel

Looking for people who are trying to sell the book eBay is just to expensive

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Why not change the topic to “want to buy”?

Because this looks like it’s for sale. :thinking:

Btw this is cool on here, but can people please PM you to arrange it, and the forum/site aren;t overseeing this so if anything goes awry, it’s between you and the seller. :thumbsup:


Just a thought as we seem to have a common theme today on the exchange and purchase of resources - do you want to set up an exchange and mart thread for Magickal books, antiquities and objets des arcanes?


No, it would turn in to a nightmare explaining the no ads rule, sadly.

One person here or there asking for, or selling,. one BALG-published book from their own collection is okay, but anything beyond that would turn the forum down the route of many others, nothing but disputes over deals gone wrong and attempts to hawk stuff.


OK makes sense… it just seemed to be the topic du jour.


I would love to purchase this book as well ☆ Right on :grin::black_heart: