I want to be a powerfull wizard without worshiping lucifer

which book is the best?for 72 demon?

and do they need sacrifice?

Just take this advice from someone who has been diagnosed with ADHD:

Becoming a powerful magician, like any other job/vocation/calling, requires discipline. If you want to become a renowned master chef, it’s impossible for you to have a Michelin Star restaurant overnight. You have to start with the basics: peeling potatoes, practicing different ways to cut your ingredients, developing your taste by eating good food, and reading food-related articles and cookbooks. It will be a painfully slow struggle peppered with mistakes, but all things worthwhile take time.

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Everything you need to know about invocation and evocation is in this forum. You only need to search for it.

yeah but i don’t know know which one works and which one doesn’t work because when i wanna study something like a book i have to translate page by page of that book my english is not good i only know simple words

May I ask what your native language is?

persian,unfortunetely i’m iranian​:iran::confused:

That’s not unfortunate. You can’t be blamed that they didn’t translate their books to Farsi.

Try to ask someone in this forum if they’re interested in mentoring you. Even if they don’t speak Farsi, you just have to ask them to put things in simple English terms you can understand. I’m in no way volunteering them because they have lives outside this forum, but I find that @DarkestKnight and @Mulberry are experts at simplifying things without overdoing it.

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yes i talk to mulberry and he/she helps me very much

Can I draw the circle on the cloth and spread it on the ground whenever I need? When summoning 72 spirits?

Yep. You may cast the circle however you want. Personally, I don’t, but if you’re not comfortable with not setting boundaries between you and the demon then by all means do it.

don’t you cast a circle?
why do they help you?
how do you order to them?

I don’t feel the need to protect myself and I don’t order them.

do you worship the or devil🤨

so why do they help you?i don’t understand can you explain me

I don’t worship the devil. They work for me because I play nice. Treat demons and other entities if you’re someone asking for their services. Offer them candles and incense like you’re giving free gifts to an influencer whom you want to market you.

I think I understand that you treat them well and give them candles and incense and they help you too, right? I think they are not demons, they are angels😕 They don’t ask you anything in return? If you give them more gifts, will they help you better?

it’s like they’re your friends isn’t it?
and isn’t that dangerous?

They can be your friends, but I generally treat them like business partners. I find that they almost instantly recognize the boundaries of our relationship. I just have to treat them with respect.

Yes, demons are just “fallen” angels. They’re of the same species, just with different leanings. Think of it like politics—some people are conservatives, liberals, and leftists.

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how do you summon them?can you send me that topic or book?i want to cast circle for first time beacuse i have never done that maybe it be scary for me

and how much does it take time that they do your requests?

I think some people in this forum have make group about this project, to make gate so we can move to another realm in physical body.

In where i live sometimes i hear information about people missing in mountain, sea, forest but later on they are actually get kidnapped by a jin or spirits in that place to their realm, some people just enter accidently because thin gate between worlds. Although from this experience move to another realm with physical body exist and can happen but to move to another realm using magick is hard and almost impossible, people will just use astral projection, soul travel, mind travel, etc to move into another realm because it more easier and not take to much time.

My suggest is try learn astral projection or soul travel first, talk to entity who have specialitation at portal like nightmare angel Laylah (you can look information about her in vk jehannum blog) from that you can make projects to make portal between worlds.


Demons magick by gordon winterfield is good to start.

Theres is 3 method of evocation you cam choose.

But if you want free information you can search method evocation in this forum.