I want to be a powerfull wizard without worshiping lucifer

but i wanna go with my body there have to be some ways

thank you my friend

This isn’t science-fiction. This is real magick, not Hollywood magic. Some fantastic things are possible, even outright miracles that defy belief, but if you go in with expectations of immediate teleportation, levitation, and other fanciful things right out of the gate, you’ll end up with nothing but disappointment.

Magick takes practice, and learning to do the fantastic takes years of work. There are no emergency escape hatches from this reality.

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so that means that necronomicon works.how? which author
yeh it’s too dangerous because you open a gate fore them to come from another world their’not belong here

Oh this was disappointing, I have to try it anyway, where should I start? Is the Necronomicon good? Do you know a good book to start with? A book like the Necronomicon that teaches how to summon powerful gods. And thanks for guide

The Necronomicon wasn’t really translated by John Dee. It was written by HP Lovecraft, and then later on, a version called Simon Necronomicon emerged.

According to some members here, both versions do seem to work. There are a couple of theories behind this:

  1. The collective belief of everyone who has tried them or even merely heard of them in the past empowers the stuff in the books; and
  2. Your own belief becomes a tool to breathe life into the stuff in those books, as in chaos magick.

That said, it has been reported that the books—especially Simon Necronomicon—are riddled with little parasitic entities.

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Unless you can open an inter-universal wormhole, you can’t physically travel to other worlds.

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I thought Lovecraft only writes story books, who is the best and most complete Necronomicon for?

And what do you suggest to start?

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The Necronomicon is fictional.

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Does this mean I can’t summon other spirits except hell spirits and angels?

Of course you can. Try the deities from the Greek and Roman pantheons. Read Jason Miller’s Advanced Planetary Magic.


oh you’re new like me but how do you know these?i couldn’t find them can you send their pictures or author’s name?my english is not well i’m writing with google translate right now

I’ve been reading the posts here for 2 years now, even when I wasn’t a member yet.

Anyway, Jason Miller is the author. Just look it up.


i got the book it has 64 pages and it has nothin it’s like a joke

Just read it from cover to cover. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Speaking from experience, the sigils and incantations are very powerful when used the right way.

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but there was nothing to try there was only some spells with Symbols of the planets

It really sounds like you’re getting ahead of yourself. I’ve had the same problem since childhood—I lust for instant and grand results. But you always need to remind yourself that you’ll eventually get there, one step at a time. You have to learn how to crawl first before you can run a mile.

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yeah absolutely right but i don’t say they don’t work just i don’t need them and i don’t want use them in my life

have you ever summoned of 72 demons in key of solomon/ars goetia how are they?can they guide me in another way?for example i ask one of them to introduce me a god or give me N book or guide me in another path do they can do these things?

I haven’t tried all 72 of them. They might help. Look for a demon who shares secret knowledge and invoke them.

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