I want to be a powerfull wizard without worshiping lucifer

Hello friends, I have read many books on necromancy, witchcraft and summoning, but I think none of them are perfect, some have summoning but no banishment, some have sigils but no summoning, etc. And I also don’t want to worship Lucifer. With respect to all Satanists, I want to worship powerful gods, but I can’t find complete content and I’m looking for a complete book or guide that has everything (circle, summon, exile, spell, sigils, powerful spirits (not Lucifer) and I can achieve anything I want)please advise me💚


As a starting point, the “Become a Living God” book by E. A. Koetting has a pretty much complete coverage of magick.

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You will have to compile and compare the various information for yourself as you build your practice.

If you want the “perfect book”, you’ll likely need to create a book of shadows or grimoire where you have all the info together without jumping from book to book.

You don’t want to “worship” Lucifer? Fine, no big deal.

Find what you resonate with and go with that.

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There is a book called “The Magus” by Francis Barrett. It will run you about $60.00, but it’s a judeo-christian book on black magic. It will walk you through the basics of magic, like casting a circle and invocation/evocation. It will teach you about the planets, and other secret magical things.


As I’ve gathered, magic is not an exact science. You have different systems which have different perspectives on how the world works and use different methods. And if you stick to one for long enough, maybe it will work for you and maybe it won’t.

But I will say that lots of books on magick seem to take themselves, and you, too seriously. I’ve found lots of LHP books that seem to talk to me like I’m Neo from the Matrix.

As for “worshipping Lucifer”, Personally, I don’t necessarily “worship” anyone. As a magician, I WORK with spirits, but I’m not devoted to them or their cause. I simply pay respect and get what I need from them. As far as I’ve read, the LHP is about the self. You are the ends, and who you work with is the means.


thank you for answer but l.a’s books are only about worshiping or pact with devil and belial,bielzebob or azazel and i don’t want do it

but The problem is that I can’t find it and I don’t know which one works


thank you friend what is LHP?

How do you summon powerful spirits? Can you give a general explanation, such as the preparation of the circle, the time of sacrifice, and other steps, because I have not summoned yet.

What should I use to draw the circle, except chalk? And what should the floor be like? Is it possible to draw on a cloth and spread it on the floor? And should my altar be fixed or can I move it? And exile? Answer me if you have time. please

So, I’m not the best person to ask, but I’ll give it my all.

There’s the Right hand path and the left hand path. Picture yourself as a dnd character. Being of the Rhp is like being a cleric in that you work in service to some divine power. But being of Lhp is like being a warlock in that you serve your own goals and the divine powers you work with are something of a means to an end just as you might be to them.

This understanding changed my whole perspective.

First off, I suggest you do some basic meditation first. And second, the most popular and classical grimiore for conjuring spirits is Ars Goetia. But the methods in it are similar to rangling in wild animals. You invoke the names of God to get his permission. You call on angels to subvert the spirit. Then you command the spirit. I wouldn’t advise it without experience. And frankly, I’d say you should instead develop a rapport with some god first. Any god from any mythology.

Read the book first.

Why do you want to worship an egregore that was created by humans? :grimacing:

they haven’t been created by human you can summon anyone of them

The worship of such beings as Lucifer has almost nothing to do with becoming powerful as a ceremonial magician or a wizard as you’re so aptly put it. You could easily learn magickal techniques without worshiping any beings from mythology.

thank you but how?
Do you know a complete book?

Practice. Learn different things.

A complete book of what? Magick is a very large field of endeavor and you will never learn all there is to know so you need to narrow it down.

To begin, you first need to choose a subject to learn about. We can’t point you to any books or sources until we know what exactly it is you’re interested in.

Do you want to learn the evocation of spirits? Scrying? Soul travel?

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Honestly, I don’t know exactly what I’m interested in. I’m tired of life, and I’ve had severe depression for several years, so that sometimes I go crazy. It’s a very boring life, and people don’t strive for anything except sex. When I look at people, there’s nothing but characters. I don’t see fakes and worthless efforts, and no one thinks why we are living and what exactly is life? I have no desire to go out and I haven’t talked to any of my friends for a year. When I’m with someone, I feel bad because I have to be a character. show a fake of myself and when I’m alone I understand things that if I tell others they can’t understand and I see no escape except death (and magic) I have a very bad sense of madness and when I think about magic and things I can do a little bit of I feel less crazy and I am sure that I am not crazy because I have a solid and logical reason for each of my actions and I know things that make most people crazy to understand and my goal of magic is to go to other dimensions or other worlds and to go to the far past. And disconnecting from this fic world, I now understand why powerful witches are all in the forest or away from society Kenan and my interests may be to become a god and change the world. It may seem ridiculous, but this is to keep me alive, otherwise I would have committed suicide a long time ago. I really needed someone to tell this to, and I hope you can help me. Thank you for reading this. Ridiculous words

If I want to go to other worlds, what should I do? Should I summon some spirits? Open a gate? Or what… and I’m not interested in working with the devil and the spirits of hell, because the devil is an angel, not a God, I want summon something like the spirits mentioned in the Necronomicon book by Dr. John Dee, but the book was incomplete and did’nt have a summoning method.

That’s rough. The first step is always the most difficult and I know the feeling of not having enough motivation to start something. I highly suggest that you get therapy or counseling first to place you in the right state of mind for magickal practice. It doesn’t matter if you have to take meds or perform mental exercises; the important thing is you regain enthusiasm and focus.

Hang in there. I hope you’ll get the help you need.

You don’t really have to worship Lucifer or summon angels in order to become powerful. A lot of people in this forum are taking their own paths.

What you need is to read a lot and listen to sage advice, but always with a critical mind. Even more important is doing a ton of practice: meditations for mindfulness, clarity, focus, and energy work; and physical exercises to enhance your energy because a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind and auric field, which leads to better psychism and magickal performance.

Regarding Necronomicon, use it at your own peril. Reports by various members here say it has a shitload of parasites.

Learn to soul travel.

Be aware that you will not be physically travelling anywhere, though. That is impossible. However, humans are multidimensional and we all have subtle bodies that are active in different dimensions all the time, we just aren’t consciously aware of them. Your physical body is only one of them.