I want revenge

Growing up my father was very abusive towards me, my mom, and my siblings. It completely ruined my mother’s life/ state of mind as the torment was unimaginable. She will never be happy no matter how hard she tries, even though we were able to get away from him in the end, fortunately. No human being should ever be treated so cruelly and I will never forget the pain he inflicted onto us. What bothers me more than anything is that he is able to continue on with his life without a flicker of remorse for what he’s done. I’m angry about this and I feel a strong desire for vengeance. I’ve never been one to wish ill upon others, but there comes a point in time where one feels like kindness and goodness is simply not enough to keep harm and evil at bay. So if anyone has knowledge on any curses that can help me cause my father to suffer greatly the way he did to us and pay a price for his actions, it would be greatly appreciated.