I want my bullies DEAD

I have a serious problem. I have been on my job for many years. There are 2 guys that have been bullying on me for the past year. Just picture the school yard bully that punches you in the face because he can. Well these guys wanted my position for a long time, so they sabotaged my work daily and told the boss that I messed it up. I had proof that they did it, but the boss likes them just laughed at me and told me to lighten up it’s not personal. Ok they call me names, they have turned all of the other coworkers against me, when they used to like me.

The assholes finally got the boss to take my duties away from me and give to them. Saying that I was too incompetent to do them. They now laugh in my face every - single - day.

I have done everything mundanely (including therapy) to deal with these bullies with no results. They think it’s funny that I am in therapy because of them. I just want them to drop dead QUICKLY. The 2 bullies and the supervisor. I would put a bullet in their skulls if I knew that I could get away with it. I don’t care about them or their families or anything about them. I just want them dead. I’m tired of being tormented every day. Oh, and I am a female. Yes a female being bothered by 300+ lb men. They think their size makes them invincible.

I can’t evoke because I have no privacy or space. The most I can do is open sigils. I would pay for help but it is not in my budget. I took pictures of all 3 of them with my phone and am thinking about writing on their faces the sigil of maybe Marbas to make them sick and die.

Suggestions? I am tired of suffering.


I would firstly destroy the relationship between these people. Make them fight and hate each other. You can put their names in a jar of vinegar with red peppers, needles/thorns, and black mustard seeds. Shake that up every day while burning a red candle.
Then you can sweeten your boss towards you. Put his name alone in a jar filled with sugar, honey, and syrup. This should be shaken daily as well. Once you have themfighting and your boss under your thumb, you can really destroy them.
You put them in separate mirror boxes, torture poppets, sprinkle crossing powder or doing crossing jars against them…


Euoi is right on. If they’re united against you, it may be too draining trying to off them. 'Specially both at once. Particularly, since you’ve let it go so long that you are fully in a victim mindset. There’s also the vampirism approach with your boss. I’m finding it effective in other areas.


Don’t think you’d want to use it on these guys after cursing them unless you are really good at filtering. But, then, I’m new to it. Others here have more experience.

you’re fighting to keep away what you don’t want and this is causing your suffering.Now it’s time to do something about what you want.First of all i sugest strongly to cut any emotional connection with them.Forgive them for what they’ve donne to you,and then forgive your self for what you’ll do to them.Also if you like NAP,drop to them the astral bomb attack.
also remember that dead people don’t suffer.Why to kill them?Teach them a good lesson and let your self be the one who laughs.


write their names on both sides of a piece of paper as many times as you can, covering the page as much as you can.

then take the following two tarot cards: five of wands (conflict), and seven of swords (sabotage). ake the five of wands and gaze into it until you activate them (meaning, until their photos begin flashing and moving around on the page). then conjure the angels mehabiah and poiel, who rule over the card. then take the seven of swords card, do the same, and conjure harael and mizrael, who rule over that card. tell mehabiah, poiel, harael, and mizrael what you want them to do to the people who are bothering you. then turn the faces of the two tarot cards towards each other, put the paper with their names in the middle, and tape the cards together with the paper in between them. command the spirits of the cards to inflict them with conflict and sabotage between them without mercy. put the taped cards under a black candle and light the candle. watch it burn down as much as you can. if you can’t burn the entire thing at one sitting, then pinch it out and at another time call on the spirits again, repeat your request, and re-light the candle and continue to burn it until it is completely burned down.

when you’re done bury the wax remains and the taped cards in the woods somewhere.

that may turn them against each other. or nah. ymmv. if you’re interested, try that


Leah, you don’t need evocation. What you need perhaps is to focus all your hatred into a single will or commandment, so to speak, and then instill this into what is called “a death doll,” or effigy. This can be wrapped in black cloth and buried at a crossroads. I’ll leave it to the experts here to give you various suggestions on the death doll ritual.
Good luck.
What you have on your side is, you are in the right and they are in the wrong.


Some really good advice in here. I will be doing the vinegar bottle myself.

By the way I had a very similar situation where I got a job at a renowned company in a foreign country. When I arrived I was the only foreigner there and people hated me because they thought I would spy on them for the boss (who is from my country).

I received weeks of seriously negative energy and suffered some damage, until I severed myself emotionally from them (seeing it for the losers they are and forgiving them, as well as forgiving myself for working Magick against them).

I did the most simple ritual possible, as I was not well versed in Magick back then. I simply imagined them, saw them right before me, how they would do good things for me, and how they would perish.

About a week later half of the staff was fired. I am not making this up.
I tried it with more coworkers later on, because there was still some discord with the remainders.

The good news was that my position by that time within the company had seriously improved, I had been promoted. I was also on friendly terms with most of the remaining coworkers, but some of them were simply retarded to say the least.

After months of enduring this crap, I finally decided I had gotten my revenge and changed the company I worked for. Retrospectively speaking, it was ok money, but the whole situation was average at best.

I recommend you sort this guys out with one of the methods in this thread, but then most of all make sure that you yourself become balanced, and take full charge (magickally and non magickally) of your life!

All the best


Thank you everyone. So much great advice!

I haven’t got anything useful to add, but good luck with it!!

Although this is a forum for magick, your purposes may be best served by combining it with other efforts. In that spirit, I am submitting a scenario for your consideration . Use it in whole, in part, or dismiss it altogether, as you like.

Magick would serve best to get the ball rolling in two ways:

First, free yourself from animosity that might betray you. Cease even the appearance of hostility against them. Devote yourself to the duties left you by your boss, and show him your resolve to excel, whatever your assignment. These elements will be essential later.

Second, get the two in discord with one another. They are bullies, and will both seek alliance with the boss against one another (as they did against you). The boss may not wish to take sides, but he will ultimately have to, when faced with either loosing the loyalty of one, or of both. This will create one stronger (allied with the boss) and one weaker combatant(on which you may fruitfully focus your attention).

This is where the work truly begins:

Bullies cannot operate alone; they need the security of allies. The weaker will be driven to seek new support. By showing no animosity, you enable him approach you. He will attempt to cajole you by shifting all blame for the previous conflict onto the other, perhaps apologizing for a far more innocuous transgression (ex. Being talked/deceived into it). Let him believe he has succeeded. Do not, however, join in the fight yourself, nor provide him any substantiable claim that you are in league with him. You are merely to feed and fan both fear and fury. You may well seize opportunity to have him exonerate you with the boss, under your apologetic assertion that his outstanding deception renders you incapable of any influence.

Know, before you even commence, that he will lose this fight. Continue yet to commiserate, and subtly nurture the notion of vengeance against both foe and boss. As before, even the unsecured hope of your support may drive him to divulge the boss’s complicity the plot against you. Once he betrays them, as his ego should dictate, by going above their head, whistle blowing, etc., the boss will see him as a threat and the other as a liability (especially if their prior collusion is openly exposed).

All the while, show your boss that you are focussed on your work, and are remaining distant from the fray. The boss now values you, needing someone upon whom he can rely for consistent performance, to resume your previous functions, and perhaps more. His entanglement in your defamation may cause him also to fear your testimony to superiors, and may inspire him to appease you. It may also serve to insulate you from future slander.

This submission for your consideration stems from a similar situation of my own, with which I am preparing to employ magick. A former manager is enraged at my recent change in departments. Unable to punish me or the boss who now benefits from my services, as she had promised to do, she has lashed out a mutual friend and co-worker because of our relationship. Furthermore, she has taken the opportunity to exploit the ignorance of her insecure new boss to complicate the operations of my new section. As the differences between our situations would suggest, my proposed course is unidentical to that described above, but the partnership between magick and mundane effort is similar in nature.

Hope it may be of assistance,


Thanks. It’s very hard to free myself from how I feel, especially since that son of a bitch supervisor just got promoted. Yes, PROMOTED! Not only did he promote by screwing my career, he finally reached his career goal. I am so pissed.

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Have you tried taking my (or anyone else’s) advice?

What about the nut job that passes you on the highway almost running you off the road ? You don’t know his name, you don’t have any of his possessions. How do you place a curse on these type ? You know in your heart later on down the road they will probably end up killing someone or harming someone how do you stop them with baneful magic without a fetish item or a name just a clear image of their face in your mind ?

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First of all consecrate your car and put a protective spirit on it.
Next turn your back mirror into a magic mirror that returns all negativity to people who push from behind.

After that it mainly depends on familiar spirits. If you have familiars that are capable of influencing others fast, then you will be able to send them forth almost immediately to alter the situation.

Last but not least: Allow nature to take its course. Just because a guy pisses you off, shouldn’t put you off. Make sure you are always as balanced as possible. It may be that some spirit is trying to fuck with you by possessing another who will seemingly almost run you off the road. Make some offerings to spirits that surround you. Do banishings. Meditation. If you have all protective measures in place, that kind of scenario is unlikely to occur again.

Last but not least, this crazy guy on the road may be about to kill some other crazy driver. You don’t know all the machinations of this universe. At the end of the day everything is functioning in pure perfection.

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I’m working on it.

Well pardon my language, but shut up. If you’re doing the work, don’t come back and complain about it. You need to keep your mouth shut and let the magic do its thing. Focusing and complaining isn’t going to do you any good. It’ll just ruin the working.

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Every time the anger or bitterness starts to rise, DELIBERATELY (consciously, with intent) turn it aside, before you even form thoughts around the emotions, and and breathe in confidence and gratitude. Then, turn your thoughts away to other topics. Or, yes, you’ll nullify all you hard work. And that would be a fucking shame.

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Good point.When i’m having revenge-bitter-harmfull emotions from those who have hurt me,i just comand them to return to their sender and make him feel like i do.I don’t know if it’s working or not,but it’s a good way to feel relief and stop the bad thoughts that invading my mind.

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Has it come across your mind that this job isn’t worth it? Sure you can always get rid of the people harassing you but working in an environment where this kind of behavior is tolerated doesn’t seem worth the time or energy to me.

From my experience, assholes like this are like weeds. You pick one of them and two more sprout up.

If you want to find a permanent solution to all of this, maybe you should consider finding something that empowers you and makes you strong.

I take Muay Thai for this reason and nobody fucks with me.