I want give him the best! Looking for spells, rituals, etc. to enhance sexual prowess <3

Hello! My boyfriend is coming home from being stationed overseas, and I want to make up for all the lost time with some amazing sex. I don’t have a lot of experience and this will be our first time together, so I’ve been doing a lot of research to better myself. I thought it would be good to ask if anyone had any magikal ways to give better sex for extra insurance, so to speak. All suggestions are appreciated!


For confidence call Gamori (gremory) or call Venus/Aphrodite

Oh my

You really can’t go wrong with that. You might feel shy, but try saying it out loud to him. In this specific instance, break the occult code. Tell him that you’ve been meditating and looking up rituals to sex gods. Make it clear that you intend to fuck his entire soul out of his physical body with psychotic demon slut power.

Maybe don’t say that, but having a super willing partner is 90% of any sexual fantasy.

Thanks for sharing. That’s a nice thing to think about😘


Get a copy of Barbara Keesling’s book The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Girl Sex.

Put the book on top of a table with an 8.5 x 11 printout of Babalon or Baphomet. You may also want to consider a sigil of Beleth for this.

On top of this altar, put the book.

On top of the book, put a red penis candle in a candle-holder or bowl, with your man’s name carved on it. Anoint the candle anointed with any of the following: I Dominate My Man oil, Bewitching oil, Love Me oil, or Stay With Me oil. Dixie Love oil, Fire Of Love oil, Follow Me Boy oil, Kiss Me Now! oil are also good for this.

Light the candle, go into trance, and Conjure the spirit you are using for this.

When you feel their presence, tell them you want them to show you the arts of love.

If you have no conjuration method, use the Greater Lust Ritual from Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible. Write it out so you understand the structure of it.

When done the ritual, burn the paper for your request in the candle flame and catch the embers in a bowl.

Let the candle burn down. Keep an eye on it.

When the candle is burned down, lift the holder/bowl it was in, and read the book, taking careful notes on tips for making yourself into a sexual badass for your man.

Let us all know how it went for you. Cheers.


Honey dust and an open mind.