I want curse someone through Mercury’s energy

I feel because of my condition, I was robbed of my communication skills, and thus every friendship I could’ve had. So instead I have to apologize for who I am and even refrain from talking to other people. I just want to have a good relationship with others, but I can’t. Still, people judge me and tease me for it and I can’t do shit. I’m scared to go to any authority figure because they might bring up some accusation of me.

So I want to use mercury’s Energies to curse someone. I want to rob them of their social skills just as I was. I want them to know what’s it like to feel like they need to apologize for being who they are. I want them to be judged and teased in the same way they’ve done to me. Not forever, but long enough so they understand what I’ve deal with. Or if they don’t learn, I don’t care what happens to them. I’m tired of trying to be nice and friendly just for people to treat me like a monster.

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Mate, from what I can see in your posts, you communicate perfectly.

From what I sense, the people or person you’re speaking about, you are above where they are vibrationally. In your ascent, you’re going to find lots of people like this that will try and bring you down.

They don’t have the strength you have. In many ways, they are most likely insecure about themselves within, hence, why they make fun of you.

You don’t have to do anything to them. The best revenge would be to show them that their actions mean nothing to you. Instead, focus your energies on yourself. Use this anger for yourself.

Regarding your Mercury affliction, I’m going to assume your Mercury is malefic in your natal chart, or possibly even afflicted. Find yourself some black tourmaline. Meditate with it.

This isn’t gemstone advice. I don’t provide that or condone it. I just study the best ways to balance or enhance the energy of planets Astrologically. I have used a technique to create luxury bracelets that balance out these energies. Black Tourmaline has worked wonders here.

Or, you can evoke Mercury and work directly with it. If you would like a mantra that works well as well, do let me know.

Don’t ever let anyone bring you down to their level!


This is a matter of principle. I’m tired of this hypocritical talk of love peace and equality while I get screwed over.

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This was never mentioned, but okay. As you wish.

So how do I utilize mercury in such a way?

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You don’t, what exactly is your communication affliction? I would work on that first. Through this process you will make a connection to the energy. If you just want revenge then petition Zozo he’s kind of become not just a wind god or Ouija board demon he’s also a protector of babies and the god of up and comings. Build a relationship with him and he will get revenge for you.


I can already tell from your post is that you are hurt, but also in a lot of angst. Now I’ll shine the spotlight on me for a second; I’m a charming, elegant man—mostly soft spoken with a perfect smile, I say that in a modest way. My communication skills are more than adept because I put in the effort to understand someone’s words and behaviour actively and learn to work around all forms of it—by nature my personality is of the malleable type, chameleon… I can adapt in any situation.

Now I got two harder aspects on my Merc, these two really do come out without even me knowing. I’m smouldered by a psychic lens which polluted my worldly view with fog—a lot of the times I take emotions too seriously, investigate deeply into misc things, misinterpret body language/words then jump to conclusions and also have a tendency to be aggressive when I don’t like the person. I can’t help this, it’s apart of my nature. I’m intuitive but also must learn to scope out the illusions. No one’s perfect. It’s not hard for me to scope out someone’s intentions but it confuses me, their words and eyes mean something else compared what is felt in the air coming from that person and it creates inner confusion and tension; alluding me to sometimes live life not very focused on the reality of it, it can be a very preemptive perspective that clashes with someone constantly interpreting different clunks of stimuli constantly, not knowing which one is mine to claim or to believe which is true. I can be very distorted sometimes in my communication… almost like fantasy has taken over my entire perspective.

Now spend the time you got reflecting on how exactly you come across to people, because I’m sorry to say, it’s usually the person blaming everyone (victim mentality) that has the most or the biggest problem out of everyone— and it is displayed through a negative attitude that grows with resentment if not accepted and welcomed. Accept and welcome your good and bad side equally, these are of polarity but share common ground to your existence.

What communication affliction do you have? Are you bad with social cues? Can’t pick up sarcasm? Have a lisp/thick accent? Please specify.

Gee, thanks for sharing.

Have you seen Victorious on Nick? It’s wear Ariana Grande (Or as I like to call her, the modern day Aphrodite), got her start. Look it up and pay attention to a kid named Robbie Shapiro.

Though since she’s Italian, she could be the modern day Venus.

No I haven’t. And Ariana Grande, much like the rest of Hollyweird; are strapped to the horrible deficits and malpractice of hidden knowledge. I’m charming and elegant in an elusive, otherworldly, mysterious, dreamy eyed way—not a Ted Bundy charm. The charm where it peeps from somewhere not really from here, but they’re here. I’m welcomed almost everywhere because of it.

Here’s a really good mantra
“Oom Kroom Linguya Om” repeat in the mind or out loud, try aim for over 100. It’ll make you more likeable and approachable. :blush:


Ariana Grande? Modern day Aphrodite?


Hugs, i completely get ya. I have the same desire.

i don´t know about mercury but you can ask an entity to make a living hell to those normies that are making fun of you, i too have issues with people because most of them are two-face and love to talk shit behind my back, so i don´t have any friends at college and most people think i´m weird, better to live alone than to share friendship with a bunch of hypocrites