I want all the Gremory stories

Hey ya’ll,

I’m currently going through Jason Miller’s “Black School of St. Cyprian” and I’ll be performing a baptism of Gremory.

Gremory is the first demon I have ever worked with, very successfully. I know many people here have also worked with her with a lot of success and I want to hear some of your success stories so when I am performing the baptism I could include something about how amazing she is.

I’ll be doing the baptism this Friday so any responses I get between today and Friday morning will be included in the working.

I didn’t work with Gremory for love related business; I asked this mighty spirit for unexpected gifts. And guess what?
Gremory delivered the next day and continued for a while. Let’s say that my neighbors had a “sudden urge” to share food and sweets with me. Like, out of the blue. We didn’t even talk before and for some reason the next day they were at my door :smile:

I recommend Gremory, worked very fast for me!


How did you work with her/him ?

Used the method from Masterworks of Chaos Magick by Adam Blackthorne. Super fast ritual, very effective

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Thats a great book thanks for the reply !

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