I want a confession

After a therapy, illuminating trancework, gradual memories surfacing over the past 5 years, and the counsel of a sister who worked for CPS, I know that in my ancient past, a family friend abused my sister and I. I have overcome fibromyalgia since age 5, and she is still suffering severe anxiety and related health issues. I want a confession. I want to HEAR from the individual precisely what happened and why. I can understand a traumatized young person who endured years of sexual abuse at the hands of a twisted uncle re-enacting something horrible in a babysitting-gone-wrong week on my sister and I. I have no desire for revenge against someone taking heavy psychotropics for years to avoid a similar scenario with his daughters. Psychological triggers are almost impossible to surmount. But, I still want a verbal confession so I can let it go and get on with life. That and I think that if he confessed, it would free him as well. I cannot imagine how someone can live with a nightmareish secret like this…unable to apologize…unable to confess without fear for their family and career. …having the guilt continually eating at them…

Anyhow, for the first time in my life I truly want to sic a demon on him until he calls me with a confession. Any thoughts? I rarely have a use for revenge and this is no exception. I just want this barrier gone so I can completely forgive his present self.

Sounds reasonable to me, you’re using this as a force for your own empowerment, I don’t know exactly which one would be best but I think the magickal approach that can reach inside his mind and soul has more chance of success than approaching him to discuss it in the normal manner.

I’ve found an entity to help. And being fairly new to tarot, its amazing what an accurate guide it is, both daily and for singular situations. Anyhow, now, I can gratefully wait, forget it, relax and crochet more tiny skirts. Thank You, Lady Eva!

May I ask in what time “ancient past” is? What age you had back than.

Four years old. My sister, three years old.

Aint it easier to set fire on him alive?

Memories before the age of 5 to 6 are Generated while “Remembering”.
There are Psychological studies that were undertaken becaus of exactly this kind of claim.
From the Point of brain development you can not have memorys of that time.
It is still unknown how and why people “remember” Trauma in most often before the age of 5 but a theory calls it a strategy to handel powerlessnes (because of Sickness or life circumstances).
I am realy trying to avoid words like Made up/fake/ constructed because somethin happend but don’t do anything becuse you have a Vision/idea/memory from that time period.
PS: As soon as I come across the studies again i will post them here.

Vergil, this is precisely why I focused my BA on psychology. There are a bazillion hypotheses on trauma. My experiences have pointed me in the direction of Andrew Wakefield’s work. Also, Aletha Solter, Alphie Kohn, G & M Sears, Pam England, John Medina and others… in the vein of ‘kids experience trauma and it rewires the brain.’ It changes the neural pathways, impacts digestion (where 70% of the immune system resides; that would include a host of tiny bacteria that I want to protect me and my sanity), and because of the hormonal disruptions in the endocrine system, causes damage to major organs which further alters how the body processes and retains experiences. So I respectfully disagree with you. Memories both exist and do not exist. Anytime a memory is reaccessed, it is filtered through the lense of the person in that moment, yes. It is altered, and refiled for further distortion later. The memories I have were pondered, yes…because they were from a child’s point-of-view. And rattled loose after my first contact with the individual as an adult. My little brother has very vivid memories from those same years that have surprised the family with their accuracy. I have had the privilege, however, of communicating with the person to whom I refer. So, in addition to potentially sketchy visual, olfactory, emotional, and auditory memories, I also have a plethora of personal pminutia to observe. And I have. And it is obvious from the the demeanor, conversation topics, pointed questions, and other cues that I am correct. And when my tarot readings and trance journeys corroborate it, meh. I’m right. Besides, I don’t have an axe to grind here. I like the current guy (minus the hideous vibe I get around him). He’s done fantastic things with his life despite the appalling past he’s had with his own childhood. And I can definitely attest that in the midst of a nightmare flashback, people can say and do terrible things when appropriately triggered. Even generally decent well-meaning ones. My parents noticed anomalies in the behavior of the person, as well.

Anyhow, I’ve read my share of studies down to the research methods under which they were conducted. Pain shapes humanity like nothing else. Suffering. Instead of desiring to end it, like most white lighters, I’d rather use it as a focus, a tool. Keep it away until required. After all, my earliest memories of being afraid of the dark involved demons instead of monsters because my mother shaped the fear that way. Now, I look back on those recollections with gratitude. I simply want everyone in my illusion of life to agree on the illusion so I can comprehend the shape of the pain and focus my energy appropriately.

Daizin, if I could completely destroy someone, I want it to be someone I love and comprehend fully. So that it is the most exquisite pain imagineable. Not just baser desire for retribution or anhilation, but another level of self-initiation all together. Total destruction of both humans involved (of course, I want conscious metamorphosis for myself). What other kind of person risks birthing her child unattended?

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Aside from unleashing a daemon to pressure him into a confession, are there any direct spells that would either attack his conscience, instilling a need to confess, or levy some form of self-initiated woe upon him, which only a confession would alleviate?

That’s precisely the angle I’m viewing. Only time will tell. I don’t mind waiting. Its interesting.

Hjo you may need to cast a series of spells to drive this offender into a tunnel which narrows until he has no choice but to face what he did.
There are dozens of options on your side - Psalms, entities which expose truth, and the usual repertoire of entities which create paranoia and fear.

His demeanor already displayed a desire to confess, so I didn’t go that route, however, I’m busily rethinking this. I didn’t want to get into a worry mode and counter the effects of the pact I made. I’ll double-check and see if there are any advised actions I can take in my next evocation and consult the cards. Dispelling illusions is nice. I want his family to be protected from the fallout if possible. I shudder to think about the shame his kids would have to endure if it was public. Unless…hm. Thanks Student and E!

FULL RECALL, BABY!! Soul travel it is! BOOYA!! HEADS will ROLL!!! My birthday is going to rock. Chakras all clear. HELL YES!!! MY RAPIST is DYING!

You go girl!

Firstly, I am so sorry to hear that such a foul & evil thing has happened to you & your sister. The consequences are probably what is holding him back. I’ts one thing to feel guilt & to wish to have that alleviated to a certain degree by confession; but to have ALL the walls come down, to have everyone in your life judging you ( & being judged ) by that one nasty part of you is a much bigger bridge to cross. Perhaps aiming a spell with a little invisibility to it might help his progression & loosen his tongue. Ask yourself though is that enough? Or is a nice public shaming more in order? Good luck to yo hJo.