I wanna put out some art that symbolizes Lucifer so he can come and go more easily without putting up his sigil, what are some other symbols Lucifer closely identifies with?

Preferably things that aren’t literally sigils in the normal sense, I just wanna hang up art I make of something that isn’t the sigil itself.


Well for me, Lucifer comes while I draw or paint. I’ve had the feeling of someone help guide my hand.
My best advice would be to ask him forward to help you create something both of you enjoy. In that sense it builds the relationship further.

For me this was a painting I had started. And didn’t like where it was going and so I decided to cover it up. As soon as I did my hand just kept going. And this piece really helps bring us closer.
The art can be anything from a small sketch of him to even his sigil hidden in something.

I’ve found he likes paintings of scenery just as trees and lakes. And blue paint haha.

Try and be creative and just let yourself go. Whatever you create I’m sure he will appreciate! Just let him know that this is something for the both of you and ask for his guidance to finding something.


Why don’t you try to make something you, on your own, no outside help, then you show it to him and tell him that it is a tribute, so you get a little closer to the man? Anything, a drawning, a score, a poem.

Just an idea.


Yes, it’s a really good idea!

As for me, if I had to choose something other than his sigil, I’d probably choose a rose or something like that. Possibly one of the things he likes as offerings.


He identifies with snakes

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Lucifer haves many masks, and “the Morningstar”, or archangel samael are mostly represented in the sun.
“Sol / Ra / Apollo”, for common terms, melek taus, the peacock angel, etc. For more lhp view.

One of the easiest and most accurate symbols you can use to represent lucifer are peacock tail feathers.

Their rainbow color is usually representing him in a good, understandable way.






I personally associate this video with lucifer :slight_smile:



P. S.
There is a product on balg official, the lucifer compendium, which covers various masks and aspects of lucifer.

Otherwise, evoke lucifer into the picture while you’re painting it, and let yourself be guided by him directly. Asking him for a way to represent him in a good manner, should be answered well by him.



I made art I’m not exactly pleased with. He is, but I am going to try my hand at doing it again.


It’s not great, but I put time and effort into it, this is pretty okay for me.

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I also felt like I needed to make this. Some energy being drawn through the trident (the same trident that replaces the “v” in the sigil

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Oh yeah I can see. Didn’t know that you mean this. :smiley:


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He doesn’t really need a sigil or anything to come and go, contact them once and you give them a focal point to your location, pictures and sigils don’t change the amount of ease for them. If anything it’s just a large “I appreciate you by doing all this for you”


Yeah, I figured that much. I do appreciate him.

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Malek Taus is Azazel not Lucifer, Ra is definitely not Lucifer, nor Apollo. The idea that Lucifer is Malek Taus came from the idea that Azazel is a mask of Lucifer which has been shown to be nothing something that’s been coined on this forum as far as I know.

If you aim to call Malek Taus you’re going to call Azazel not Lucifer and Azazel most likely won’t be happy with “oh I thought you were lucifer so I wasted your time” Samael is said to be the first Satan before Lucifer, another forced merging of two entities that aren’t the same by some people here.


Why not just use his sigil?

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Why make art at all?

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That doesn’t answer my question.


I don’t know how to answer it without just saying “I like it this way” because it is so complex and I would have to go through the effort of simplifying it in my mind, something I do not want to put the effort into.

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I didn’t think I had to spell it out for you.

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Now that made me curious.