I walked in between the veil

This JUST HAPPENED. As a journal note i believe i did something similar to soul travel i was laying down trying to sleep. And i found myself in this other world which looked like a dream. But i could hear everyone that was in the room with me as i was “sleeping”. Thoughts? I saw my desires my obstacles and my end results were hazed?


Just as a note to add to this. This was after an invocation to legba


I am not related to Legba but maybe he wanted to show you the effects of being “in-between”? Or to reveal to you the effects of using such powers. Perhaps you grew or learned a lesson. My best advice is ask Legba, he will know :wink:

Im familiar with the viel but if i have questions ill ask legba

Yeap he is one hell of a spirit

Papa Legba is the gatekeeper in the vodun pantheon, he has to let the other loas through before they can communicate with you

That’s why in traditional vodun rites, the houngan and/or the mambo will call on Papa Legba first to open the gate. He walks between the worlds very easily.

If there’s anyone that can yank you into a soul travel as clear as day it’s Papa Legba, look into working with him in learning soul travel.


I already have. But i also can already soul travel effortlessly

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Great, look forward to having lost of adventures then :slight_smile: tell him to take you to Guinea

I have yet to do this. I am still forming trust right now between me and the loa

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