I wake up at 3 AM After Doing Evocation

So, i don’t have any physical contact with any spirit, or hearing them
But i was into evocation for month’s
After doing a evocation i alway s wake up at 2 - 3 AM Nearly every time this happen s
So what is the meaning of this ?


Yeah, I know a girl who practice evocation based upon the lesser key, and she have the same symptoms. it may be that you drew attention from some spirit, and it disrupted your sleep.


So, why can’t i communicate with them ?
Should i try to summon the spirit when i wake up at the 2 - 3 AM

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Same is happening with me. But sorry I don’t know why is that happening

Yes I suggest that you do so only if you feel comfortable and think it is the right thing…
These hours really 2AM to around 5AM are considered the witching hour or devil’s hour…
It is a time of night associated with supernatural events. Spirits/demons/entities/deities,
Basically all supernatural beings and are thought to appear and to be at their most powerful during this time.
It is when the veil between them and us is most thin…
And when you are awoken from your slumber it usually has something to do with it.
Ive experienced this on multiple occasions.


Do you make physical contact with any spirit ?
So i can’t get result at the time that i make the evocation but it happens after the evocation it nearly happens every single time i guess

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No. Im not that yet develop with my sense but I am capable of getting to that point and so are you.

Yess… I understand how you feel you may think you aren’t getting results, but you are.
It’s just when 2AM to 5AM you really feel it.
But you always get results you just don’t realize it.

At 3 till 5 the veil is thinnest between their world an ours, so you have a better connection then. Because of the synchronization that started during evocation (come closer).


You are getting a result IMO. Someone or something is reaching out to you for you to awaken at that time.

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So last night this happened (is this a real experience or is my mind playing with me);

I tried evoke lucifer, (i layered his / her sigil with my blood yesterday , i gaze at the sigil chanting Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer and after that i start gaze at candle flame and telling alash tad alash tal ashtu), I can’t feel any thing in this evocation after the evocation i woke up at like 2-3 AM with out any intent (not with the alarm) tried evoke him again , after the evocation i started to listen Book of Azazel audi book from EA and i fell a sleep , I woke up in the morning with my alarm but i did not wake up completely it was some thing like semi - consciousness i started some thing like dream In my dream, i gazed at the sky when i was wearing some thing like black robe at he night there was some spirit or cloud look like horse he / she said me do i want to reborn i told him yes and he told me i am going to be born as a new person i guess like

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 Any thoughts ?

Yep. I’ve experienced the same. 3 months in to praying to Lucifer, and evocations with Dantalian, Paimon, Sallos and Sitri. 99% of nights I wake up between 2-3. Never happened before. I just continue the conversations with who I feel is present.

So did you make any pact? or those are just dreams?

Sorry, no I meant to be replying to the op. I physically wake up. I do have pacts with a few. Some just conversation.

I have had very intense and lucid dreams after opening some sigils. Most are associated with the evocations. Your post is interesting.