I’ve been trying to contact King Paimon respectfully

It’s been about two weeks of everyday attempting to contact him respectfully and honestly, I’ve read up all about how to speak to him and I know he doesn’t like begging so I don’t do that, I put sweets in hit offering bowl, I write letters, I put fruit. I honestly go all out, I’ve been playing this 10 minute enn of his out loud and calling upon him with it and meditating and asking for signs in my dreams and nothing… I’m trying my hardest not to give up. What is going on? Am I doing or thinking the wrong way?


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Ok Thank you I just made a post and introduced myself :slight_smile:


I too seek an audience with the King.


We can do this! Keep practicing. I’m doing my best.

The King always hears, maybe he thinks you need to put more work in. Maybe you need to establish your godhood to yourself.

No one knows but you and him he doesnt like slackers (trust me on this one)

One way I proved myself to him long ago was ordering a sigil necklace of his and wearing it everywhere.

Prove to him and he will prove to you.

Ave Rex Paimon


Interesting you say that! I just ordered his sigil necklace two days ago, you’re right I feel that too. I’ve been doing my best to prove to him that I will not slack around.


King paimon is about all things art related (King Paimon): and about understanding oneselfs mind body and spirit if you want to know. Why we do not share mutual interest with one another…
take information this with grain of salt.


If it’s anything for you like it was for me you are in for wild ride. Remember anything he gives to you is yours and do not give it away or freak out or anything of that nature.

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He heard all andaube it’s me but I feel like your sense is not fully awake yet if not at all continue to meditate and relax as you move along this will help he has received your request and I am sure he is waiting for you to show him you are all in


Can you explain your comment a little more, what do you mean anything he gives to you, are you talking about signs?

Have you opened your astral senses? If no, then you should search the forum for that. It’s a really important thing to do.


I really like this reply, ah you make a good point. I’ve noticed this with him over the years. He aided me lots with my art and when I would forget to finish them and such I could feel him upset.

But he does always listen. When you genuinely want his help, he will come and aid you. Lots of times you might not just see it at first

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Yea I agree with her (bunny4cam.) Continue to impress him and eventually he will respond.

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In my experience, and from my research, King Paimon likes it when you have put in the time for this sort of thing. What I mean is he likes it when you spend your time learning, researching, planning and crafting the ritual/evocation or whatever you’re gonna do. Your intentions also must be within the parameters of what he likes. If you are there to learn, and it is truthfully what you desire, 9 times out of 10 he’ll be there watching or he’ll speak to you.

What you say, what you do, how you do it and what your intentions are all filter into this. You must remember he is a King. Treat him with the respect you would with any person you’d consider to be your hero, treat him as you would with a living monarch. Your actions, thoughts and time spent in your efforts go a long way in terms of the response you’ll get.

does that include bowing to him?

Not always, but doing so is usually seen in a positive and respectful way. Its not something that’s required, but it is something that’d be appreciated essentially. Same thing with offerings, though its usually recommended you leave one the first time you evoke King Paimon.


So you’re saying you didn’t receive a response ?

You don’t have to bow to him imo, all that is required is respect, but if you wish to show your respect by bowing you can, important is that your gesture is honest and genuine and not disrespectful.