I Unveil The HOLY GRAIL Of Evocation

I Unveil The HOLY GRAIL Of Evocation

Witness your introduction to it right here:

The eternal magickal quest for omnipotence and the power to manifest anything, anytime, will be victorious.

Tomorrow we unlock powers that will forever change the Destiny of Humanity.

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I Unveil The Holy Grail Of Evocation

Looks fantastical.

In all serious though I’m really pumped for this. Can’t wait for tomorrow.


  1. A form of fantastic in which it has been pumped up with quite a bit of kick ass."

All I want to know is what am i going to wear?..
A new god needs proper clothing…ah yes…my new Goetic Jean shorts…ok…
oh…wait…where are my shoes!!!
great work EA and congrats, will make my purchase manana…

I believe the course is available @ 12midnight!!! I already emailed ZenDesk with my “reminder” email since I already paid for this fantastical (I love that) course!

Mmmmm…what tooo wear? I don’t know man…SkyClad son! I know I’ll be listening to the new Sabbath however (or Technical Ecstasy).


[quote=“E.A., post:3, topic:1429”]"Fantastical:

  1. A form of fantastic in which it has been pumped up with quite a bit of kick ass."[/quote]

I see Webster’s is letting it all hang out.

I just love the cheap-ass Wal-mart candles and incense burning in what appear to be ashtrays. And here I’ve been ordering black tapers and brass and iron burners like a fool. They were just stalling tactics… Woops! Outta candles… I’ll just have to wait for shipping… Oh no, out of lighter fluid… I even keep a few of those Wal-mart candles on reserve in my magical junk drawer, damn it.

I too have shopped @ W-Mart for magickal supplies :slight_smile:

What? Was it something I said?