I undid a pact with 'Satan'

Greetings fellow practitioners.

After a few years of having done a pact with The Great Satan, I was able to undo it. I made connection with the Excellent Vernaxis and I explained that I did the pact with Satan when I wasn’t ready, very young and unwell. He responded that the pact has been ‘broken’. Since the following day, I can sense that the great and intense force and energy I have been carrying and able to tap into for a while, is completely gone. I feel ‘normal’ again-like I am my old self.

I would just like to post this to hear what you guys think, and to confirm this possibility and to validate or confirm this belief sorrounding the events. I think it’s truly incredible and I am very happy with my work, as I am a Beginner still and that was the first Sigil Magick I have attempted and achieved.

I also hope this can inspire others into knowing that it is possible to break a pact, and redo it when properly ready.


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For me, for example, I have sold my soul and it would be dangerous to break my pact, especially after I have received what I ask for, and it would be dangerous to try to break it or to sell it to someone else.