I tried to cast rapid death on crazy women, I have shouted all of my hatred yesterday into the sigil of marbas, had two crazy dreams

one which I woke up thousands of times just to find Out I was in a sleep paralysis it felt like it was 10 years, I was screaming for help I felt like some entity tried to avoid me from waking up, to the point where I felt like my Heart stopped beating and my chest were jumping, I thought I’m going to die, perhaps it backfire? In the second dream I saw some kinds of movie in a point of view from above, she had no eyes, and cats were jumping on her I’m talking about hundred cats in all sorts of colors, black especially, woman figure even tried to kill her, However she managed to counter her also kill her then I was summoned in some weird jungle, they let her the freedom of choice, some other options on how she is going to die, saw a snake and woke up, what is the meaning of those dreams, are those alert signals? Reasons why I’m trying to cast that spell on her is because she is accusing me of rape, abuse and all sorts of nasty things, she knows how to make her versions believable she is crying like a victim and I’m scared for my life, my crazy ex is hunting me.


Did you do cleansing after the ritual? Cause it seems like the negativity was attached to you from that ritual.

Well perhaps you’re right, i have to do cleaning more often i just shouted my energy with tears got out everything I had, I’m considering calling belial too to help me with this case, she is threating me