I tried activating a sigil

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A few nights ago, there was a big wind storm in my town, and there was a power outage in my building. My intuition told I should try opening a sigil that I “received” back in August: Images from Belial

To activate it, I used a method that I recently found here: http://thekingpaimon.com/activating-a-sigil/

When I stared at the center of the sigil, the lines immediately started disappearing and reappearing. They were also covered in an indigo (almost black) aura. I was at first a bit startled because I didn’t expect the process to go that fast. I felt like I had to mentally “keep up” with the lines before moving forward. Once I did, I visualized my goal and chanted Belial’s enn to keep me focused.

Over time, the lines in the sigil started flashing white. My vision blurred and my eyes felt like they were watering up even though I was blinking a lot, but whenever I wiped them, there was no water. Sometimes, it looked like the sigil was popping out of the paper. I felt something cold against my leg and something or someone pulling my body. When the whole sigil flashed white all together, I sensed that the sigil successfully activated.

When I went to bed that night, I kept having visions of a huge hole in the sky and a tornado directly beneath emanating a bright green light.

I tried it again last night and most of the same thing occurred, except for a few differences. First, the lines in the sigil were flashing a bright blue the whole time. I didn’t feel anything cold, but I felt my head being pushed towards the sigil.

I’m going to try it again tonight.


The spirits of air and wind descend. I had a similar experience with a ritual that I conducted durning an electrical storm and one of my windows blew open that was well locked.

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Congratulations. E.A. Koetting has a video about just that stuff.


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