I tried a spell and something else happened

I did a breakup spell with vinegar… Since i don’t know the name of my exes current gf… I thought that if i mixed up my spell with ea koettings manipulation spell, it would amplify the original intent… So while i was shaking the bottle, i was chanting “feel the anger, feel the pain, feel my venom coursing through your veins” and when lighted the candle, i was holding a piece of his clothing on top of it… I did it during the 3 day period that the spell needed…

But they are still together… But my ex had a motorcycle accident. He had a dislocated shoulder, 3 cracked ribs and his skull is cracked as well behind the ear which is currently impairing his hearing… I’m thinking of trying again… This time i’m thinking of summoning lilith to to assist me and make sure that this time they will break up… Any thoughts? Is mistress lilith the right god to summon or should i try something else?

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Ok. You need to take a step back here and work out want you want? Why do you want to hurt this woman? Do you want him back?

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No, i just want them to break up… I just feel that he does not have the right to be happy after the fact that he screwed me over big time… The girl i couldn’t care less

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I’m just not quite sure if his accident is the manifestation of my spell i guess… But every time i think about it… He is definitely feeling pain right now… But why are they still together? I’m not sure what i did wrong

For a break up Leraje is your go to.

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Ok so i’m actually trying to look into leraje in you tube… But it’s all in spanish… I’ll look into this… Thank you

Try searching the name here on this forum.

I think you might have put a little too much anger at him “not being happy” instead of breaking them up. That’s what it seems like to me, emotions sway a spell so just concentrate on the break up part and you should be okay.

Maybe this will help :slight_smile:

@anon48957109 Wow… That is very helpful thanks a lot

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Google “vk jehannum Leraje”

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@Kassapu Thanks… Now i just need to learn how to summon her/him

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So from what happened it sounds like your not really sure what you want. You are angry and in pain but are in conflict with how to deal with it. Hence the extreme manifestion of the ex getting torn the fuck up. It is the manifestion of your rage and pain.

Going off of what has happened you should be aware of the possiblity of him dying or being permanently fucked up if you push it further. If that is what your aiming for then thats what your aiming for but with curses you have to be HONEST WITH YOURSELF about what you really want or things like this can happen, the other is when people hurl a curse, they do the work right but then feel guilting so their energy rebounds on them.

It’s kinda like throughing a grenade at someone and your brain is the fuse, with guilt the fuse goes off the moment it leaves your hand.


Thank you for telling me that… That is really something that i need to think about… Because it is true… What i do feel right now is a lot of rage and pain…

This is the result of your spell. You channeled all your rage and anger into your work and ^^ was the results. So maybe instead of focusing on the ex- focus on the partner instead. Like manipulate his mind so he loses feelings. If you want the ex back then you’re probably going about things the wrong way.

@chi What if i don’t know anything about the partner? Not even a name… I dont really have much to go on … Im not really hankering to get him back… I just wanted him to be miserable…

If you want him to be miserable, don’t you think you’ve gotten what you wanted? His shoulder is out of place, 3 of his ribs are cracked AND his skull is cracked.

How much more miserable can he be?

well theres your problem right there. These words you’re using are baneful, and meant to hurt/kill, and you are connecting him with those words via a link (ie. his clothing). I really dont understand why you’d do this if you just wanted him to breakup with his ex…


@Verdo At the time… The words just came out… I was only supposed to say fight, be miserable and break up… I still did say it as part of the spell… but the other words came out more… I wanted him to feel what i feel…

Is your desire to make him unhappy greater than your desire for you to be happy?

Maybe… I dont know… I’m so fucked up i dont know what to think