I threw a voodoo doll in the trash

Hi. I had a voodoo doll that I had linked to my ex. Long story short. He and I broke up approx 3 months ago after a heart wrenching 8 years. I purchased a voodoo doll, woke it up and used it, one day I sent him a message, waited about a week and had a break down when he was liking and posting comments all over a girl that looked some what like me… after I sent a heart felt I love message… and he never responded. I know that I was being incredibly immature and please do not judge me I was hear broken and irrational . I grabbed the doll no knowing how fragile the neck was and it snapped off the head. I tried to fix it but couldn’t which made me even more frustrated I felt like my ex was trash… like he was treating me like I never was worth it. Nothing after 8 years and I tossed the doll in the trash and walked away. Someone took the trash out before I retreaved it and now it’s gone. Have you heard of anything regarding if anything may happen to them… being in the trash… what about the head :confused: … What may happen to him? Or nothing? Has anyone encountered such a thing? Have an experience in broken dolls, or dolls tossed out without proper disposal?

It’s been just over a week and I checked his social media to see if there was any indication. Its like crickets.

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I almost always throw my poppets in the trash. I don’t have a place to bury them, or leave them at the cross roads or any of that, so I have to work with what I do have- the trash.

But, the concern I would have, is if you very angry and very emotional when you snapped off it’s head, is that you may have actually cursed him so to speak. Intent and energy go a long ways when you use them like this, and abusing a poppet/voodoo doll etc, is one of the ways we can curse people.

If you don’t want any harm to come to him, I’d sit down and spend some time retrieving the energy. I like to put my hands out in front of me, and feel it flowing back to me. You can state something like you recall all energy sent to this target or whatever makes you happy.

There’s always the possibility that nothing will happen to him, by just not wanting it to in the long term, but often those short bursts of rage can really wreak havoc on a target.

So the doll in the trash is fine. What you did to the doll before throwing it in the trash- might not be.


I agree. My worry is what happened to the doll before it went into the trash. Reading this I heard very clearing he is going to break his neck. So OP I quorums do all you can to do as @Keteriya said the sooner the better.


If this was done well enough, he may very well go through some shit.

I’d look into uncrossing rituals, etc if you fear for him.


Thank you for taking the time to respond. I’ll take the time to do as you all suggested. I appreciate it.