I thought it could be possible to remove fine

Hi everyone, I performed a ritual with Belial to help me dismiss a hefty fine from some really unfriendly cops. I did the ritual that same evening. Basically, my parents took me to the train station and quickly parked in a handicapped spot to drop me off. Unfortunately, my country holds the world record for train strikes, and to avoid refunding us, they claim it’s just a ‘5-minute delay,’ but they lie, and it can last 6 or 8 hours like that. So, while waiting, the cops came and fined us even though we could have moved the car quickly since we were inside…

Okay, it’s not cool on our part, but the fines are still exaggerated.

I thought entities could do crazy things; maybe removing a hefty fine would have been possible, especially since we’re supposed to receive it after 15 days, allowing some time.

I was wrong.

Is it because my parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Or is it insulting to entities to do this kind of thing?

During the ritual, I felt his presence, and I vocalized my request out loud 3 times and thanking him like it was done

Thanks for enlightening me

Magic can fail for all types of reasons. Do some divination to find out what the blockage is. Summon Belial and ask for an update. It may be that there are things in the mundane that are taking longer to move or shift. How soon after the fine did you contact Belial?

It may be that Belial will help you with next steps but there may be things you can do in the mundane. In court cases / things involving the police I would advise get yourself a good lawyer, not just a legal aid lawyer / public defender. While legal aid / public defence is exist for a reason I often find that a privately paid lawyer works harder and is significantly more responsive. Work with money entities such as Bune, Mammon or Clauneck to assist with any money issues

Entities that you summon are not concerned with the religion of your family. We have a whole host of members here that have different faiths who practice magic

I’ll try it

The same day, the evening

No it’s just a fine that you pay and it’s okay but that’s too much to pay for that kind of things

I couldn’t do nothing more, I was like "okay maybe the 15 days that take the police administration to send to my parents the fine will be more than enough to erase that goddamn thing in their computer lol

I was wrong, maybe I thought that I made contact but maybe not