I think Pomba Gira broke us up?

I evoked Pomba Gira
And read her prayer to bring back my ex
But a day later he left my life for good!

Is this normal?
Does it get worse before it get better?

What exactly did the prayer say? Without knowing exactly what you said during your evokation, the first thought that comes to mind is that Pomba Gira is maybe leading you towards someone better. Either that or maybe your ex or you need to go through something so that when you guys to reunite, it truly will last. Again though, have no idea what you said in your prayer to her so no way to be sure. You could also divinate, like with Tarot for instance, and ask whether this is supposed to be a good thing.


Im back on this forum bored at home. Ive been saying this all along. If your not iniated in a religion. Dont call those spirits to do work. Its dangerous and disrespectful. For example. Im iniated in Palo Mayombe. That being said. In Ifa I have Osain Ochosi and Oddudua i had to recieve them for certain reasons
those are serious orishas that some most Babaluwoos dont even have. I have to iniate into Ifa one day. But until that day. I am not authorrized to work with them. Why because I didnt iniate into Ifa yet. It is dangerous for me even though they are myn and belong to me. I dont have license to work on them.
Its like having a Ferreari in my driveway but i dont have a license yet.
So u should not be calling any spirits in any religion like quimbanda Palo Mayombe Voodoo Santeria Ifa. Most likely your not doing anything. But if you do something its going to do more harm then good. My advice to anyone new on here. Just start with candle magic. Dont buy oils they are fake. Its just a oil with food coloring and a label. Ive had people owners of Botanicas say yeah its just oil. Snake oil. Lol. Fake. Use Natural ingredients from nature. Rocks crystals plants. Special sticks. The average rock on the street is like 1 bilion years old. Imagine how old and wise the spirit thats in that rock is. Ise essential oils. Patchouli. Thats great for love magic. Pachouli Mint is good for geting into someones mind. If need to concentrate put pieces of mint in between your head and ear rose petals. Im trying to give u stuff u can find in the super market. Take the ingredients and put it on the a white candle. You can put it on the picture. While your doing spell think of the last time ypu guys had sex. Or fantasize about having sex with them. The more turned on you get the better. The best time to do any spell is when the person is asleep. I dont suggest doing love spells on specific people. I just do rituals and they bring me women the perfect women for me. Most times its a hot woman to fuck. But not relationship material. Because i make it clear. Im just looking for sex.

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