I think my best friends 18yr old little sister put a love spell on me

So last night I went to sleep and had a needle very strange dream (mostly sexual and romantic) which I never had usually have due to me not being able to love due to my traumatic childhood and horrible past. In the dream I was in taking a shower then my friends little sister who is only a yr younger than me literally came in locked the door then proceeded to violate me. I wanted to move away from her or at least wake up but I couldn’t. I was stuck deep in a physical /Astral trance.after she finished then began to hold me after she finished that’s when I woke up.I know their family practices santeria I would try to reverse the spell but I don’t want to curse her as well because that’s my best friends sister and she saved me from kmys in my when I was 16. Any thoughts or hints please?


Is there any other affects besides the dream?

I saw her today with my friend and she I felt a strong dark arousal and I was in a deep hypnotized trance when she came over and hugged me. Then I had like a sudden forced interest in her then she tickled me under my shirt before she left and now I can’t stop thinking about her but I want to stop though.


you’re in troubles, my men.
but, why do you think she would do that to you?


Idk she always had a huge ass obsession with me. Offering to cook for me. Ask me to sleep in her bed. Get me high asf and try to flirt with me. I didn’t think much of it till now.


Oh, that explains a lot of things. I have no doubt that she is playing dirty in the spiritual world


Being under a love spell can be a bit of a complicated experience depending of the individual. Try to see the positive side: This will make you stronger. (And also, it almost seems like a compliment)

You could pretend to not have noticed the spell and “play along” with the girl. You might even learn some things. On the meantime, try to undo the spell if you want or find a solution that pleases you. You could bind her to not re-do a spell to you also.


what you’re talking about isn’t a regular love spell, it’s astral sex.

She’s visited you and taken what she desired.

You can directly tell her to stop,
making her aware that you know what’s going on and don’t feel good about it.

Or, go with it,
and do what most reasonable man would do in that situation:
Enjoy it for the time it last’s.

She’ll get over you natrually after a short while,
your resistance actually feeds her desire.

The quicker you become “boring” to her,
the quicker she’ll look for more interesting targets then you.

But, indeed, as the best friend of her older brother,
you’re natrually material for her “wet dreams”,
and as a witch, knowingly or unaware,
she’s able to commune with you more easily then a regular woman.

Third option:
Make her join an occult group.

There’s always someone interested into those games. :wink:



  • because, as he stated at the beginning, he’s traumatized and doesn’t feel well with it.
    And yes, rape hurts man just as much as it hurts woman.

It can help him healing the trauma, but i didn’t want to emphezize that to much as of yet.


Take it from someone who has played with love spells her obsession with you will not n I mean will not go away so easily it’s a yandere trait lol I have it and most women have it to now however it isn’t impossible to make her stop ok she cares a greatly about you so your best bet is to get close then nicely put distance between you two give her what she wants with out actually giving her what she wants…

Get close as friends and tell her you care for her but right now you want to fix yourself before you get in a relationship with her but tell her one day when your ready you would like to try but for now just stay friends as bad as this would seem to do its your best option cause let me say why

If you tell her you want nothing to do with her the love spells will continue and get stronger and stronger until you lose all free will and become a puppet

You tell her out right you know what she is doing there are spells to make you obvious to these kinds of things
And it will still happen

If you just go with the flow you will never be able to get out of it period point blank unless she break it which is unlikely

These maybe your own feelings you refuse to accept and want to fight them

The best route is to get close and play it off like the hero of the story I’m sorry but I can’t right now I have to save the world first kinda thing lol

Note breaking loves spells are dangerous ok it’s a double edge sword in making and breaking so if u choose to break it please be careful


I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t engage her. It will only embolden her and give her hope. Knowing she has a family that practices, I’d bind her.


This is intimate psychic assault; you must get yourself into a deep trance and pull your focus towards a distaste towards her that yields far more powerful intent than her spell. The spell is broken once you realise that the right Sigil will deflect her coercion.


If you want to break the spell safely try evoking Duke Dantalion…he helps in all things that deal with love and sex… which includes breaking a love spell.

But I am not opposed to seeing you have fun and seeing what kind of damage (even if its minor) you can cause as a little bit of revenge for what she is doing.

Best wishes in your endeavors!


You could also try a “return to sender” spell.

Think of it like a mirror bouncing her spell back at her. It shouldn’t harm her, but sould make for some interesting effects.

Love spells are doubled egde every one so if he breaks it it can come back on him ten fold if done wrong ok it’s not easy especially if he doesn’t know the kind of love spell was used love spells aren’t easy to break none of mine break easily so with one as this isn’t either if he can’t pull himself out of her when she is around

Tell her the truth. Thanks but no thanks. She should stop wasting her magic on you and spend it on other things like her writing.

Honestly, if it were me, I would bind her like another member said. My preferred binding is the freezer method but there are many many other creative ways to bind. Freezing might not be a permanent method for you in this case since it could reactivate after thawing.

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Do you have the basic steps for return to sender spell?

Hi @S_T_N, that poster hasn’t been to the forum in over a year, so you may not get a response.


Thnx @QueenMustang

Need basic steps for the spell tho still lol

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