I think I've had encounters with King Paimon

Alrighty little backstory:

A few months back I was having a crisis with what exactly I should do in life.
Some how I ended up calling upon Archangel Michael.

I saw a blue light on a panel and a tall blurry figury with insane presence stanting next to me, it almost seemed like he was pissed.
I couldn’t almost breathe and had chills through my body.

Anyway, 3 weeks or so ago, I started reading on Solomon and learned that he did magic.
After investigating all of the 72 spirits, none stood out to me like King Paimon, no idea why.
Could not stop repeating his name.
But I was too chicken to call him sober.

Ironically enough, I dropped acid and called King Paimon to my crib, made the best offering I could make with what I have and basically just to meet each other.
It went well, however I can’t remember much about it.

Fast forward to 2 days ago, I made an altar for him and asked if he’d be my patron/mentor(basically ass-kicking-drill-sergeant kind of way) in life.
I’m not sure what the answer is, whether he accepted or not.
I do however feel like something is watching me when I do stupid stuff and hear a voice like ‘‘you’re not going to win’’, when I play certain slots.
When I do win thought, it’s like something is telling me ‘‘go to that machine’’.

I called him dad on the second invocation lol.

Could somebody help?


First of all, it’s a good story, congrats on your experiences!

Also, I believe he accepted to be your mentor. King Paimon wouldn’t reject someone without any serious reason, so don’t worry about it. Listen to him seriously and make sure you let him guide you.


Thanks, man.
I appreciate you.

Problem is, I’m too stubborn and need a good ass kicking once in a while.

However, future looks positive.


King Paimon can actually get really serious sometimes, especially when you get lazy or stuff like that. But the one who can actually mess you up until you do things right, is Lucifer XD.


Lol strangely enough every time I think of Lucifer, I smile and get a warm feeling.
Didn’t know Lucifer would also kick ass easy

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I mean, most spirits are.

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Cool experience. King Paimon is awesome! And yeah kind of sarcastic from my own experience, but also blunt and will tell you how it is. He gets things done though.