I think I'm going crazy

With nothing to do I think I’m going crazy, please share your recent magickal experiences here if you want, so we have something to talk about, I can’t practice currently, I don’t have my books, but will try to evoke Michael again in the future, Lucifer is too hard for me currently


You should consider changing your post title to take Covid out of it.

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Why? This is related to covid

Well, one of my last magical results is a poetic message from the archangel Ariel.

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What was her message, can you share please? Or is it personal?

No, this is not a personal message. It is connected with the Fiery World. I asked Ariel to explain what the Fiery World is and received the following answer:

Behind the veil of eternity and darkness
There is an inexhaustible bright light.
Separate the chaff from the grain
And you will find a forgotten trace.


I think I’m going crazy too.


:rofl: I am the opposite… with so much to do its driving me crazy…


I was looking for a topic like this just when you opened this one.

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I’m glad it got sorted out!

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Nothing to do? Get physical manifestation down to a T. Sick of the walls of your room? Scry into it.
Bored? Draw your boredom, and see what your creativity tells you. No offense, but how can we, as practitioners of magick ever have “nothing to do”?


Lol true, but as I said I don’t have my books plus I got difficulties with my magick

Have you ever had animated (drawn) dreams? Like you’re in a cartoon or video game?

Once, but that was parasites messing with me

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I didn’t know they were capable of doing something like that. Is it possible for one parasite to multiply into male and female spirits at the same time?

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I don’t know, I never stopped to ask, they were bastards

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Work on making any spell powders using kitchen spices you may have. I did, i recently made a dream powder using cinnamon, clove, and ginger.


Hmm, COVID hasn’t stopped me from doing stuff I want. I still go out and go about my day pretty much (sorta) unchanged. The only irritating thing is masks. And some places are closed/pickup only. However hasn’t made me crazy yet, well least not the lack of stuff part of it.

I had no books for all the early part of my magickal life. :smiley:

Also I hate to point out the obvious but “I’m bored I can’t change mass-observed reality for the better because something in that mass-observed reality is controlling my actions” - well, that kinda gives you a to-do list right there, doesn’t it? :wink:

Maybe you have difficultues because you’re ignoring the elephant in the room.


Its became more crazy for me, my college opened some days before like for a week in ofline mode and i have runny nose, sneeze’s, not felling well, felling absolutely shit and my throat is little scratchy its absolutely scary if virus caught me.