I think I'm being scammed...need to verify it

There was a group called the Illuminati that no longer exists but many groups took on the title as well with claims of be unusually enlightened. Any claim of Illuminati in and of itself should be a red flag, especially in the current time we’re in where shit is just people being out of pocket lol.

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Fake. Illuminati wants the the best of the best. I have a friend who has been working with them for 10 years but he’s also a tech genius who started hacking banks when he was a teenager. There’s no way they’d reach out to you like that if you haven’t done anything extraordinary to get their attention.

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The spelling should have been the first clue…

They only got four words in before messing it up.

Don’t believe in all the Illuminati crap, it isn’t real and even if it were, they wouldn’t be advertising on instagram, would they?

There are actually real magickal secret societies that are powerful, Golden Dawn and OTO (Ordo Templi Oriensis) amongst them, but you pretty much have to be already pretty influential and wealthy to join. Jay Z and Beyonce are famous members of the latter.

All mainstream religions are basically magickal secret societies, the official stuff is just for the muppets, the real stuff is secret and jealously guarded. The Pope and the Queen of England (who is head of the Church of England) do some serious magickal workings and have hogged all the major spots where magick is most effective, such as St Paul’s Cathedral in London or St Peter’s in Rome.


MOTHERFUCKERS!!! I’m so fucking pissed off! I mean abusing their authority and misleading people into serving them are one thing, but Robing magick sites…well, I can’t do anything to them…yet… For real, what the fuck?

Thank you again Chris, though I need to PM something about Durga and the Kundalini topic, so heads up buddy, Paragon here has an important question for you.

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You have to consider that the reason they are so powerful and continue to hold on to power is precisely because they use magick effectively and are monopolising the most important sites, where magickal workings are the most effective. The other side of their power lies in the fact, that to outsiders they demonize magick or deny, even ridicule its existence. It is a nice little racket they have going on there. All you can do is do your own thing and not let it bother you.


Wise words, just still pissed. So, I’ll just let the Kundalini meditation do its thing, and calm me down.