I think I'm being scammed...need to verify it

On Instagram, some guy is claiming he’s from the Illuminati Brotherhood, My instinct is telling me he’s a Scam artist, but need you guys to verify what he’s saying:

So, should I block him? And is there really an Illuminati brotherhood?

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No there isnt an illuminati brotherhood. Its a scam


Seems fishy to be honest.


Yup, Time to block him!

Okay now I need to know how shall I get revenge and make sure people who make these scams pay for their lives. I’m fucking desperate for money and in need of luck, and this asshole came to take advantage of my desperation.

Sounds like they can afford to send that to you for free - and give you a hundred thousand dollars or so. They should have it lying around somewhere.


Just send us your banking info to begin receiving your free money. I guarantee that will be the next line


On the internet, most people will always tend to take advantage of desperate people, you should always be wary of those who promise easy things like a snap of a finger, unfortunately I’ve been there.

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Lol after you blocked him, block him again.

Lots of Nigerians are into this thing, claiming they illuminati, frauding people. Don’t fall victim.

Note that the actual Illuminati (or any legit cult group) won’t adverstise themselves to you as the scammers do.
You should know that people want success, wealth and that’s what this scammers use to attract people.

They are not that hard to get, just don’t be enticed by their words.


Scam, that’s not the way to join the illuminati, you need to have something they could use. Thats why they select the people who can join, otherwise there would be a lot of useless people in there which would do them no good

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Scam, block him. As for the need for money and luck, I do have a candle spell in the Money section and an uncrossing brew in my Tiberus’ Concoctions thread, as well as a money oil recipe. Check them out and see if it would be helpful


That’s not how that works. Stay away.

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I get these all the time when I follow spiritual Instagram pages lol


Would you mind linking me to the thread?

Okay that makes sense!

Of course.



Thanks buddy!

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If there still is an Illuminati, they were a secret society. Someone is taking their name and adding brotherhood, no secret society is going to go public like that and proselytize. Yup, it’s a scam of some sort.


Are you fully aware of what they do to the world and all of us since you want to join them?

Not entirely, I hear from some they’re the reason the world is so fucked, and from others the reason why we’re advancing. Mind setting the record straight? I just wanted to join them for their perks and wealth.