I think I went too fast

I think I dived into this magic to fast I just feel down and my anxiety is kicking in high gear for no reason any tips?

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What did you start with?

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Spirits and evocation

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Hm, there are a few different things that could be going. A parasite is a possiblity, as well as a possiblity that the spirit you called triggered inner emotions. Who did you call? It may help to figure things out.



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Ive only had a limited experience with Bune so I cannot really comment if anxiety or depression can come with the experience. It was nit a problem on my end when I worked with her (as Bune appears female to me) It might be best to wait for someone a little closer to possibly chime in more.

Ritual in general can bring out emotions/thoughts that we need to deal with. It has happened to me many times, especially in the beginning. Taking time to learn about them, why they may be appearing (as identifying triggers for the sake of learning about yourself), and journaling have seemed to help me when I went through them. It might be helpful to you as well.

Do you know how to banish?


Ritual evocations take a lot of energy from the sorcerer and activates his upper chakras. For this reason it is extremely important to ground yourself when practicing magick - it brings your focus down to the lower chakras when needed and balances your neuroses/anxieties/fears. It’s a bit like turning the brightness down on your phone screen when it’s nighttime, because you don’t need that much light coming off of your phone and disrupting your sleep. Same thing with magick. Ground yourself when you’re done with any ritual working. In my experience things like this are more likely to be an issue of spiritual dry-cleaning than spirit interference.

If it still persists, you might want to seek professional help. Sometimes practicing magick can put us face-to-face with your own psyche - both the good and bad, so you can truthfully examine your strengths and limitations. This is especially true if you’re working with (any) daemonic intelligences.


I literally did almost the exact same thing when I first started practicing. For a few months I read up on a particular spirit and then immediately then immediately started doing evocations.
I did several evocations though and at a point I ended up getting a parasite attached to me.

I did evocations with a different spirit so, I can’t say if it is the emotions triggered by Bune.
At a point I started experiencing fluxes of anxiety, depression and overall low energy/tiredness and these fluxes persisted for over a month after the last evocation I did at the time.

If the fluxes keep happening I would definitely recommend looking up the unofficial forms turtorial directory. In that form’s directory there are several links to posts on parasites and imposter spirits, as well as posts on things people sometimes experience after evocations. A lot of those posts not only helped me determine it was a parasite but also helped me to realize I was experiencing other symptoms of parasitic attachment.

Also I definitely second everything C.Wilson said, but wanted to add that I also found a journal to be very useful as well. Keeping one helped me to keep up with the emotions/feelings I experienced from evoking the spirit, but it also helped me determine around what time I started to experience symptoms of parasitic attachment.

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You’re feeling anxious afraid? Excited? Or are you bummed out? I say ignite the fire higher if you are on that nervous edge. Believe me… being all dead and don’t give a fuck sucks.

Ride that bitch high and explode in fireworks.

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No sir

I would take a look at rituals such as the Lesser Banishment Ritual of the Pentagram (I forgot what book I first learned that one from. I Believe it was 10 lessons of High Magic) or Sword Banishment Ritual from the book Magical Protection by Damon Brand. Banishment is an important skill to develope as it can be used to remove energy either prior to or after ritual, giving you a clear area. This can be helpful for any parasites that wandered in while also helping to develope other skills. Learning how to ward in general can prevent them from stumbling in the first place as well.

Learning how to ground is also important.

Thanks for helping

No problem at all. Hope it helps

Did u purify space, yourself, move trah out., if did u ok. Some feelings of anxiety paranodia is ok for days, bune wont do tat. I have days of not slerp. Feel like hight, and getting lots of Speed, i mean like move so fast. And deep breaths. Bcse energys are too strong u are ok.