I think I saw Bune

I was using the restroom and I saw an auratic outline of of a draconic being. What do you guys think?

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That could be just about anything.

You’re trying to outsource confirmation of your experience.

It’s not really something someone else can confirm for you.

I could just tell you, “yes it was Bune” but I don’t actually know that and I’d be bullshitting you.

Do you think it was Bune? Are you working with Bune? What does your gut say?


I think it was Bune and yes I do work with Bune. I’d say I have pretty good intuition.

Then it likely was Bune. :slightly_smiling_face: :metal::ok_hand:

Interesting! I haven’t intentionally done anything to see Bune.

bune don’t hang out in the restroom. lol It’s your imagination.


Well recently I started working with Hertog Bune.
When I’m done Im cover his Sigil.
But as soon as I remove the cover.
I feel a dominating but pleasant energy.
I can hear him communicating in the distance with a beautiful voice. But then I have to focus on his voice. And shut me off from the environment to understand him.
I like Hertog Bune

I’m afraid that isn’t enough to determine that it’s Bune.

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He’s the only draconic divinity I work with.

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I hear you. I’m just saying that Bune’s not the only draconic being in existence.

Why would any other draconic being visit me unexpectedly?

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There are numerous reasons why a being would visit someone. This idea may sound farfetched, but maybe this being is in one of Bune’s legions sent by the duke himself to watch over you. That’s the only idea I could think of that’s most plausible.


Interesting :thinking:.

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