I think I need a little help

Im asking for help here, and I hope it’s allowed.
So, i posted a week or two ago about a problem I’ve been having with someone I’ve fallen in love with, but she’s gotten very cold towards me. Well, i waited a few weeks since speaking to her last, and I tried something i read, and i don’t think it worked. It’s something I found online, it involved writing her name on a piece of brown paper three times, then mine three times, and then writing over it I bind thee to me times three, three times, putting it in a ziplock bag filled with water, and freezing it.
It’s been sitting there two days, and today I tried to call her. She answered the phone and spoke to me for a bit, but was still cold and distant. I told her i was willing to do anything to win her back, including being patient and letting things move at her pace, and but she told me she didn’t think it would ever happen becasue she lost attraction to me because I was too insecure. She’ll be my friend, but when I asked her to hang out, she really didn’t want to, because she says she can’t give me what i want.
My problem is, ibhave no idea how to do any other ritual, nor do i have the space or materials. Is it against the rules to ask if anyone can help me out? I’m desperate, and i feel like my world has fallen apart. Is there anyone who know ls what they’re doing that would be willing to help? I definitely can’t afford a professional, I’m barely staying afloat myself. If this isn’t allowed, go ahead and delete this post. But if anyone is willing to help, I’ll be eternally grateful.

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That kind of spell is meant for stopping something in its tracks, I would not use something so cold to ignite the flames of passion.


Have you tried candle spells? Ones involving just a single candle and strong intention. They’re quite effective

You “put her” in the freezer, now she’s cold and distant. Undo the freezing spell and cast a honey jar spell instead.

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What type of Magick do you practIce?

How do i do that?

None, i have absolutely no idea what i am doing, and i was just following something that i read online to help make her have feelings of affection towards me

If it’s not clear, i have absolutely no idea what im doing. I wouldnt know one method from another. Thats why im begging for help

This just proves im completely lost when it comes to this. Im just so tired of this and want to do somethinf, anything, to make this work

How have you been coming here for 8 months and learned nothing?

I like the honey Jar Spell as previously mentioned unless your looking for a mindless sex slave bound to you for eternity. LOL

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I really havent come here that often since i joined. No, i dont want a mindless sex slave, i want her to have the same feelings for me that i have for her.
How do i perform the honey har spell?

Thats easy to just google, I swear. there are a few variations. Look them over for one you have the ingredients for.

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And its literally just called the honey jar spell?

Just type honey jar spell for love, more than a few will pop up.

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Honestly, im scared to do anything st this point. It looks like the more I do, the more I screw things up.

I guessed you have done the Binding spell of Emily Halifax.

I don’t think this spell is the reason she became cold and distant.
The aim of the spell is the opposite although the freezing. The spell binds two people and “freezes” this binding forever.

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I also did this one but nothing yet.

Im pretty sure it was not because of the binding spell you did. I’ve done them too and they truly binded the person to feel strongly towards me, but also myself to still have feelings for them. I took the bag out of the freezer and set myself free from them.

In your case however - 2 days? If this is your level of patience nothing good can come out of it.
When you perform any kind of magick you let it go after the work is done. You don’t look back and certaintly don’t have any doubt on what you have done.
That is what will kill the working right away.

The second this, and this is for everyone coming here on every thread telling how they’ve waited 5 days / 2 weeks / whatever short amount of time, do not share your workings with anyone when they are still manifesting.
This is for 1) your attention will still stay in the working and your doubt in its manifestation will increase 2) when you are sharing this information you are obviously adding to it how it either worked or didn’t. This is wiring your brain to believe one or the other, and if the case is it hasn’t worked out yet, your emphasizing the energy of it not manifesting. Also, other people will always doubt if you did it correctly so theres no reason to share it. I believe what you have performed - and by this I mean whatever it has been; candles, jar spells, petitions, visualization - is as strong as you decide it to be.
Once you have even the slightest amount of doubt it’ll start eating up the working.

And an obvious one but better mention it here still :smiley: - Don’t do more magick if your spell hasn’t manifested in 2 days. You’re only signaling then that you didn’t believe in your work in the first place…


Just wait.

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