I think I made Lucifer Mad

I’m alittle embarrassed to share this with you.

My relationship with Lucifer is still new. I talk to him all day, everyday. Recently, I am in a financial situation. I have presented my request to summon another demon for money, but I havent had a response…yet.
I have consistently been asking for assistance as the need of money is quickly approaching. I know I’m suppose to “set it and forget it” but the way my anxiety and depression is set up…

Am I pissing him off by keep asking for the money?

Im not trying to be rude but no matter what kind of demon you summon and ask assistance, if you do not put your own will for sources to receive money to you then it wont work

Like E.A. “you’ll need to take responsibility for helping the manifestation of your desires. For example, if you to want find new employment, you’ll still need to apply for job openings, and my magick will DRAMATICALLY INCREASE the chances of you getting hired. Think of it as teamwork.”

I dont think lucifer is pissed he knows what you want …maybe teamwork is required


I have been trying to get the resources. I have a bankruptcy and I went to my credit union and bank and I was denied. I went to loan places and the same thing. I tried to borrow the money, but everyone is in need.

Not receiving a response doesn’t mean you made them mad, while Lucifer is capable of these emotions he also gets busy too he has family, obligations and so forth. However, sometimes no response isn’t a bad thing. If you feel that involving another demon will help then do it. If it’s an infernal demon than most likely Lucifer will speak with them.


Your comment just made my day!


Have you opened your astral senses? I mean, I don’t think he’d be angry for something like that. But if you haven’t opened your astral senses, then that’s the reason you can’t hear him.

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I am interested to open my astral senses. What is the best method in your opinion?

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Learn to scan using your 5 senses, feel, hear, smell, see, etc energy. They’re not really closed they’re just muscles you haven’t worked out so they’re weak. Your clairvoyant abilities.