I Think I Made an Entity

So, let me explain.

Last night, I made contact with Fotamecus (who happens to work like a charm) and throughout today I’ve been feeding him and his sigil a lot of energy. Buildings full of it, to be precise.

But, as it is prone to, my mind started wandering. I envisioned qualities of a more varied entity, one that could not only dip into time magic but work on my “internal alchemy” and balance spells like chemistry. If that makes sense.

This morning and last night I was rather confident that Fotamecus and I were working one on one, an arrangement where only the two of us were involved. I think I might’ve added a third part.

After my imagining of the qualities of a different spirit, I’m STILL being contacted by this creature. Knowing that it appears to be following me, I’ve found a few things that have changed since it and I came into contact.

Symbols, like necromaster’s profile pic, light up before me.

Anything that isn’t in my direct focus gains a strange, moving aura around it and I have no clue as to what that could be.

I’ve dubbed these “Fade Moments”, but sometimes I’ll have a very strange thought that seems uncharacteristic of me. So far, “It’s good to be alive again”, “How do I use this?” (“This” being a cup), and “I wonder if they feel it.” have come up. The last of these statements makes me believe it is slightly vampiric in nature.

But it is also not hostile. It seems hungry, almost, like a child that needs food. It’s not audibly contacted me yet, but the degree of strangeness has made me believe that it can communicate telepathically.

The reason why I believe I created it is the sensations. This spirit has made me feel oddly mentor-like or even paternal towards it. I am aware that my subconscious seems to be educating it, and I’ve been able to view people’s auras much clearer than normally.

The reason why I post this so late at night is that the entity seems to have evolved again. And it’s active.

It experiments with the world around it, and I feel like I’m reigning in a curious child. My heat, which was fine two days ago, stopped working for “No notable cause”, and then just randomly rebooted itself again but became smoldering hot.

I’ve also noticed some interesting enhancements. Namely, my voice. When I put intent into it, and I’m not speaking in regular conversation (telling a dog to be quiet) there’s this sort of adenoidal effect behind it, and my word becomes truth. I’ve only played with commands of living things so far, but an interesting development nonetheless.

I’ve also found my energy has exponentially increased. At random intervals things seem to move faster and get brighter around me, and I don’t feel my feet when walking. And, thanks to my practices I’m able to feel the current of energy, and I feel it CONSTANTLY swelling within me but not staying.

Anyone ever have such a strange encounter? And what it could be? I researched a servitor and it doesn’t feel like one, so I’m a bit baffled.

E.A. Frequently mentions how Spirits will sometimes assign familiars to people they are working with. That is one possibility.

That would certainly be interesting, because the only occult entity I consciously contacted was the Black Sun.

Speak of the devil, this thing seems to sleep during the day. It’s presence is much more muffled and reduced in the daylight hours, but sometimes I’ll get a very centralized headache and my stomach will start rumbling, even if I’ve just eaten. I’ve taken that to be a cry for energy, and I keep spoon-feeding it energy, namely from other people.

This chap also enjoys dabbling, as I experienced last night. I found that for no particular reason, except to do it, I was compelled to perform spells- not rituals- vampiric, elemental, and black in nature.

EDIT: Say, I think I’ll be designing a sigil and appearance and name for it. Any ideas? And how should I charge it’s sigil?