I think I leveled up?

I swear I think my God form just took over a short time ago. There is no fear whatsoever but due to whatever was causing those problems I had, something triggered within and I felt power like I never did. My Godform sent Lightning Bolts to all of my friends and family but then widrew the excess energy (I believe that this was so that they would be broken free of a curse of somekind?). I myself feel purified, my Vibration is up and I feel more aware. Needless to say, I asked my Higher Self to keep away much of this energy until later.

Now that it’s done, my back and head hurt! But I’m no longer paranoid, I feel pure and my vibration has raised on its own. The Electricity in my hand is gone and is replaced with a hot feeling but there’s no fear.

Now I feel that I got my requirements for ascent. But can one ascend without Gnosis? I don’t have an interest in it and it seems that it will do me more harm than good.

This experience was amazing and intense! I mean I felt Enlightened…

Feel free to share your experiences! And I would appreciate any Advice :heart:


A bit confused here. You mention your Godform, but from your description you arent even in control of the process. Elaborate?


I was standing, feeling as if I was losing a battle against fear and a lesser Spirit and bam out of nowhere, this happened. After the Thunderbolts, I gained Control probably because I lost all fear. I felt enlightened. It’s sorta hard to explain.

Perhaps my Godform decided to save me at the last moment?

Context would be appreciated if you don’t mind. There is not much to work with.

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What do you mean?

Were you invaded by a lesser spirit that was overpowering you?

Im trying to figure out why it would’ve happened, guessing the situation whats dire if your godform saved you.


Ok just to gain clarity. Your Godform I assume at this point is a Spiritual Intelligence other than what you work with.

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Yes, It was really messing me up and messing with my mind.

I don’t know how or why it came then but I asked my Higher Self to prevent me from unifying with my God Form until I’m ready.

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Possibly. I don’t work with any deities who rule over the aspects of my God form.

Ok. Makes total sense.

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Ok then that makes sense. Your god form I assume took energy from your surroundings and used it to cleanse yourself then store the rest for when it it needed. The situation was dire and you needed a way out and your god form took control for a moment.

I think that is the gist of what happened.

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I’ve never gotten to that part yet but it may be interesting.

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Very cool, definitely sounds like a “level-up” moment to me. I’m curious, what do you consider your Godform to be? I personally have awakened a Body of Light and a Body of Shadow (before hearing Koetting or anyone else talk about them, interestingly enough), so I’m curious as to how you work with your Godform.

My Higher Self (body of light) has the form of an Archangel, and my Lower Self (body of shadow) has the form of a Demonic Leviathan, a great beast of the sea. I prefer to flow freely than to maintain something stable, with my financial energies at least. I shall build a temple for myself, though I think my greatest treasures lie in the sea.

I wouldn’t be afraid of working more with your Godform and unleashing its energy. It is a natural part of you, and awakening this part of your self will bring much good to your life, I think.

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A Storm God.

This sounds awesome! I will leave you some offerings.

It’s Power I know I’m not ready to handle yet. Though it may have gave me a warning in my Dream.

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I think I’m having a hangover now :joy::joy::joy:

Kinda makea me feel like im in that movie “Ready Player One.” Fantastic inner reality with magick, but you must be realistic in your magick so it works with the real world. I meant all this talk about Godforms. =)

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Perhaps it could have easily been stress which caused this too :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Its called “Love vibration.” Your Godform no doubt helped you tap into it. Alot of curses will try and get someone to “Self-Hate.” Already tried it on me, but of course Im too smart for that.


These curses make you look for parts of yourself to hate right?

I wonder if there’s any drawbacks if this was my Godform. Mentally I feel fine but my body hurting😅

(Shrugs) your channeling alot of energy. Of course there is gonna be pressure.

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