I think I know my guardian angel!

Hey there guys!

I just did a meditation and asked for my guardian angel and I got an image of a man with an army hairstyle, he had a hammer in one hand and in the other he wielded a sword, his eyes were full of lighting, orange/yellowish lighting. The whole background was in that yellow/orange color.

He smashed his hammer on the ground multiple times.

I then asked what his name is and I got Uriel.

Just wanted to check if this is truly Uriel, the archangel.


The best way to check if it’s Uriel is to ask him yourself.


may i ask when you were born?

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Where can I find the dates of birth linked to an specific guardian angel? @StrengthenedWarrior

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i have a book on the shemamphorash, if you tell me your bday i can find your angel

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What’s the name of the book?

Il grande libro delle invocazioni ed esortazioni

Author: Haziel

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the problem is that angels don’t interfere with human will. So it’s kinda hard to get guidance from them if you aren’t able to communicate with them. They send signs, but it’s like a puzzle because them signs are cryptic. They won’t tell you what to do. Often through hints which don’t help most people as they can’t figure out the message. haha. It would be way better if they guide us directly but it’s more like a game. you have to figure it out yourself. lol. many won’t figure out the messages of guidance so life don’t make drastic improvement. :man_shrugging:

It’s like being with someone that don’t communicate and think you can read their mind. Most relationships are like that. COMMUNICATE!! people. =o)

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It’s Italian.

Is there an English version?

I pmd you.

Oh god I hate people like that.

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im not sure

Thanks anyways, I’ll figure it out.

Just as I figured out who my guardian demon is :crazy_face:

Gotta put the intention out there and work work work lol.

you know, I usually am suspicious of systems that associate guardian spirits with one’s birthday…but considering mine is Daniel (who is often associated with communication and leadership) and i am thrown into leadership roles in every job i have had…i may have to do some evocation.


Can I pm you my bday too please?


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