I think i just mastered a new kind of magick I have been researching


its a fallen tree…furfur couldnt have just said that i thought it was like a rare tree or magical tree or something smh


well, it conveid the picture for me, so…
Yeah i assumed it to be a tree which had been brought down from a storm for example.
When walkind through a forest you usually get those.
And i Still have a big Staff in that size, i belief.

I’m not fully sure if it was taken from my visitors when i gave housing to Loki.
He might have kept it for him.




actually…he may actually bring it down since he is great at making storms it makes perfect sense


yeah, last time with kurtis joseph i had recieved the instruction to collect wood from a tree hit by lightning,
and i thought it’d be very difficult to get, since you can’t just simply go buy it for the crafting,
but then, visiting my parent’s on the way back home it was laying around just on the train station,
and it’s strange becouse my mom which is still praying christian prayors over me,
and for me (which i’ve been fishy about quite a bit some times),
actually helped me recognize it,
so i went there, collected as many pieces as i could get home safely by my hands,
and later worked on crafting it.
Back then i learned the connection between the Nordic Rune Word “Aum” and the Monk chant from Vedic Sources “Ohm”, but not completely, i had just learned it’s similarity.
Now, similar to my Jajuji, which derived from “tatata / dadada”, the children’s first word and essential key in Vodoun, given by Papa Legba to me,
Similary i worked it out to “AumOhmZui”,
and where Jajuji is simply meaning “Ja(german),yes(English),Oui(French)” - triple yes but from different Energetic currents, hence triple opener, which speaks to Higher Self, Self and Lower Selft simultanously,
the AumOhmZui is a Triple word of Creation.
I’ve started trying it out and working with it,
but i’m by far not at the point that i can share it with explenation.

(Well, except the comparision i just gave.)

So i highly beliefed i’d be guided to get my next one,
especially since you pointed out it’s collor to be red,
which of course, can be achieved either through it natrually having that collor when i pick it up,
or later during it’s crafting turning into this color.
(for example while sealing it against further fragmentation with Resin,
or due to Being bathed in Blood,
or… there’s quite a bunch of possible options.
Maybe even my first philosophy stone being ground up into a powder and imprignated into the wood,
which would assume i start rebuilding it and making my next version of it.)

After all i’ve already attained a new Primal Essence for making Philosopher Stone,
and have left it to the side and not used so far.




wait its real philosopher stone? real? like a real one not from the anime but real? your kidding me…ok i really have alot to learn then i thought it was a fictional thing…


it’s real in terms of being crafted by myself, for myself, by alchemical methods, yes.
It’s not real as in giving the elixir of life, or power of transformation.
Well, it could, at a later stage, but i’ve yet to find the exact conjurations and spellcraft to make those effects embed into it.
However, during my reseurch i’ve also found elixirs which heal, prolong life and rejuvenate.
I’ve recently tried to make the mentioned friend turn younger just through my spellcraft,
i specifically seeked to make his face wrinkles shrink,
not through applying some medicine or masks, but rather through helping him heal to a rejuvenating degree.
I’ve made alterations to myself, to rejuvenate and get younger, and i wanted to proove to myself,
that i can manifest the same change to another human by my will.
According to those around us, and him, it hasn’t worked as of yet, which it should, according to my planning.
However, i deny the failure and still investigate that working.
Lately i have visited him without telling him,
in my Demonic form and tried to work further on the spell, since i want the changes to be so visible others around us not just pick up on it, but really solidly aprove of it’s success.




i have alot to learn furfur just said im pretty much learning blindly so i wanna find books online i can read to learn more


Ahh, books, one of the great main sources for magicians,
both in study, as also in developement.

Well, after all this is an Author’s forum,
so you’ll definately get some.




you know where i can get some ebooks on something im very intreasted to know about diffrent topics in the occult


Amazon, Ebay, Here, countless online covens,
you need to start looking, and seurching,
those will come to you based on what spikes your interest and what relates to your energy at a specific time.
Besides, Spirits can guide you,
and even teach you directly.

I think what Furfur ment was he want’s you to start looking at these areas,
and also to fill up your vocabulary a little bit,
so you feel more comfortable with the magickal workings.

I’d start investigating on cancer, since this is the specific main goal of your work currently,
as you still seek to heal your daughter, hun.

Besides that, you can always look into various corners.

What i do recommend is to get in contact with one of the great healers, like Raphael,
Marbas (even tho i’m not sure if he heals for all people, but amongst those here on Balg he’s done that several times, his natrual ability and alignement is to inflict sickness and disease.

Here’s a list of names for you to work with:

And, just to remind you,
you still have my permission to evoke me and ask me for help,
including this issue.
I had two cases of cancer in my own family,
and I was desperately seeking help on it myself back then.

My aunt got healed completely,
my grandmother passed away when it came back for the second time,
and i helped her to ascend during her funeral,
which later on she approved in an evocation to be the right action i took,
and that she managed to reincarnate somewhere.
I’m not completely sure, but i belief i have a good idea of which Body she took.
I don’t want to discuss that, however, as she’s still in her process of growing up.




i see thank you that help alot and i will def call on you when i run into a block or need more guidance on the subject matter thank you


I actually lost my headphones so it would be a great help to know where they’re at.


I lost a vial of consecrated water on a drunken excursion with an ex and it meant a lot… can yu help… or maybe with something I lost as far as an old ability… a suppressed gift


@Eli_Levieon @AndresdelNap my locator magick not perfected enought to locate small things just yet it was strong enough to locate a cat but made me sick as an end result and that was with two people im very sorry but until i can get a hang of it fully i wont be able to help as i was able to find a few things but then wasnt able to keep in mind i do need assisstance for practice so if you want i can do a one on one and we can find it together

(locator magick requirers both to summon same chosen demon the locator and the energy giver if not in house a map and pendallum unless you have a floor plan of your place you can use that as well
the demon summon with the energy giver drops the pendallum on the spot where it it and even guides you to it as the giver give you energy to do so a signal will be giving to let both parties know object is found by a constant none stoping flicker of candle green yellow and white)

i have yet to try it out as just solo furfur can tell me where things are but my constant questions irritate him…n he gives me wrong answers so i rather not give you false hope until its completely mastered


Alrighty, thank you for your time!