I think I had a dream of Lilith

I had this odd dream where a neighbor girl comes over and talks to me.
Skinny with long black hair.
She claimed she had children.
We became friends and started kissing but no sex.
I felt emotions of joy and love.


That is interesting, sometimes when you see people in dreams it is people that you on some level know but haven’t met yet. Or I think I saw a new E A Koetting video where someone was asking him about making someone who didn’t know him obsessed with him, and E A was like what a waste of power, so they are thinking about you but don’t know you? Well you could do a spell and or someone may have done a spell that you don’t know and now you are thinking of them. I don’t know if this is such a waste necessarily because you can draw people into your life that you haven’t met yet. I have done that before, but you want to be sure you are actually ready to meet them, I am sort of thinking now. Or maybe that was Lilith. Who knows.