I think I fucked up


Ok so last week I was coming home when I had an impression that one of the demons I work with was in trouble and was calling for me, and that JD was back (Eldritch that the demon was bound to for reasons unknown, she gets pissed when I confront her on it, and the same one I saved her from. The week before I was gone, she woke me up pissed at me just growling at me bc of the confronting.) And now when I got home last week I didn’t feel her presence, and felt another entity in her place, and was disguising as her. Annnd I don’t know what to think or do, because she likes to fuck with me alot and she could just be doing it again, or she could actually be in trouble and I have to do something due to my pacts and goals with my demons.

What are your thoughts on this situation?


Banish all pretenders.


THis shit is TOO ADVANCED for me, I think @DarkestKnight can help U. Handle him ,Sir .


Orrrrr… banishing ritual…


U know, spirits and thought ( thoughtforms) are same. SO just Hope he doesn’t banish half of his mind by that ritual.


Ask the being to show their sigil and signature. If they cannot do it 100% correct, no fuck ups, it is an imposter and should be handled as such.


people should be doing lesser banishing things and groundings and clearings regularly anyway to prevent this kind of shit from happening. but now all these young kids go into magic thinking they can just light a candle and everything’s cool without doing any research and then shit like this happens and they’re begging us for help because they didn’t do their research first before jumping into the frying pan.


yes. this


Don’t U smell something strange here?


Exceedingly. I just stopped questioning things on this forum. I give the useful advice I have and let it all go


well yes that did make me lift a brow. however what I said still stands because I’ve seen this kind of stuff over and over and over. newbies nature research first before diving in headfirst. if newbies were to come to this form and use the search function and just I don’t know spend a month researching every possible thing they could they would probably start out and fair a lot better than most.


lol what?


yea, THAT’s IT . :grin:


I think @KingOfHearts616 and @Samnu summed everything up nicely.


If these demons are asking you for help instead of vice versa, maybe get new demons?


Before yo let it go, maybe see if you can interrogate it to find out if it knows what happened to your friend.
If it IS your friend playing silly buggers - she won’t do it again after you take the fun out of it.