I think I am getting hacked

Can someone please do a reading , scry.or anything to find out if I am getting hacked or not I have this feeling and there are instragram logins in my accounts login history that I don’t remember and even my gmail account , someone please help me

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Why not change all passwords ASAP, download ccleaner, spybot search and destroy, unhackme, ensure windows firewall is on, use bitdefender.

As for logins you don’t remember is this a shared laptop, did you buy the laptop used etc? Maybe there is an extension installed that is changing the profiles for the logins. Is there a vpn installed.

All I’m saying is if we don’t have some security going we all will be hacked and even when we do…yeah

I hope you aren’t being hacked and I assumed you were a windows user :slightly_smiling_face:


I am a android user

No I only instagram on my phone

What are these?
Thanks you very much :blush: for the quick reply


Eh, for Android, some of those methods won’t work since it’s a mobile device. I’d just change all your passwords and see if it happens again.

Typically what happens on smart phones is there is an app or something that you’ve inadvertently downloaded that has a keylogger. They like to hide themselves as games or apps like “flashlight apps.”

Alternatively, they’ve used a front end page that LOOKS like your email login page but really it’s not. That’s why it’s important to ALWAYS check your page URL’s before logging in.

But, change your passwords. That should take care of the issue for you, assuming you’re only using smart phones (based on your last response.) If you suspect there is a malicious app, I’d go through and delete anything that you’re not familiar with on your phone.


K I will delete some apps and will change passwords thank you

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A reading would be a waste of energy on something like this which can be solved by mundane things like Sailing suggested.