I think I am being tested

I am putting many situations where it seems people doubt my abilities and because they do, I doubt my abilities.

I verbally recognized this as a weakness and it seems that it’s being used against me.

I think I just need to stop caring.

Doubt can be used as a drive not as a “ima close myself in my own echo chamber so I can ignore everyone but my own beliefs” doubt pushes a person to improve their skills.

I don’t think you get what I mean. I perfectly, logically, realistically see my abilities and how they work, and someone says "it’s your ego (with no knowledge of the situation) or dismisses my intuition or gnosis, and I let go some of my power.

I know what you meant, while most times those cases are idiots who think the ego is a bad thing, there are times our ego inflates into things. At-least if everything just so happens to go your way when dealing with external forces, then there’s quite a 50/50 chance.

someone who is like “oh I met this entity and they agreed to this and that and this for me” type shit.

Even the most experience practitioners slip up, it’s an unavoidable blip.

I am reasonable, I don’t withhold all doubt, but sometimes people just say things that don’t help, and I shouldn’t give them power over me

Why do you believe someone is testing you? Who?

This thread seems more about what people says about you than about the test itself.

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Sometimes it doesn’t sometimes it does but we have moments where the help isnt the help you want to hear so it seems unhelpful.


It’s all part of life. Life is full of ups and downs. Trials and challenges. If you let it weigh you down then you lose.

You’ve recognised it, then you should know how to handle it best, knowing that you “… perfectly, logically and realistically see your abilities and how they work”.

You’ve crowned it here.


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It is a difficult balancing act. You must remain open to people’s suggestions because sometimes they can actually offer alternative methods of spiritual progression that may work well for you/help you. Criticism can sometimes lead to the best self-reflection and improvement.

However you should never allow your own self-belief, resolve and sense of self-worth to be shaken by the words of others. It is natural to doubt your abilities sometimes - everybody does. But if you do not believe in yourself, how can you expect anyone else to believe in you?


The test, and I am not sure who or what IS (Could just be a factor of life and the universe), is about those same people. I keep getting put in those situations. But it’s not because I actually don’t have working abilities, it has never been about that. In every case my abilities were working fine. It’s just that people dismiss them without experiencing them.

Like, someone told me you can’t call the Loa wthout being initiated into Voodoo. I demonstrated it on camera and he basically said I was talking to myself, then got an armada of his fans to harass me.

Do you know something I don’t know?

I wasn’t referring to anyone on BALG.

Yeah, I know. Not gonna shut people out, lol, just not going to let them diminish my personal power.

Did I mention BALG once? You are the only one that did just now. Guilt?

No, I mentioned BALG on purpose. I thought it was relevant, but no. Still, my statement stands. Do you know something I don’t know?

While he’s wrong you reach the Loa through papa Legba, and calling on them just to prove you can is silly when dealing with them. So you very well could of been talking to yourself. They’re not a joke.

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I called Papa Legba.

I tried to prove them wrong so people wouldn’t see closed doors there.

Furthermore, I know I don’t talk to myself anymore, because when I ask questions into a room where there are no spirits I hear no reply.