I THINK Freya Paid Me a Visit

So I’ve kept having Freya come up in my pop culture consumption, I’m seeing rabbits everywhere in my city (and rabbits have been a theme in my life since I was a baby), and I’ve got the vibe that I should try to get in touch with Her as of late, in addition to wanting to learn way more about Norse mythology.

I got it in my head to offer her a seat on my couch, of course with some tea and half of the apple I was eating (sliced, put nicely on a plate, and both the tea and apple drizzled with honey). I kept getting that goosebumpy chill on the side of my body where she would be sitting, which I thought was a good sign. So before I went to bed, I lit a white candle, and carved in a thank you to Her before putting it in a pink candle holder.

I went to bed after imbibing in some grass, as I’ve had a hard time sleeping as of late due to the heat of the summer and worry about the state of my relationship. As I was drifting off, it felt like someone was trying to slip almost a heavy metal headband on me, so I opened my eyes. The candlelight down the hall was dancing like crazy with all the flickering. Something told me to keep my eyes closed and just go with the headband sensation. In my head I explained my worry, and that, though I highly value my partner and would love our courtship to continue, I want to not be completely fixated on it. I also wondered if it was something that could be saved if it was in trouble, and I got the feeling that I COULD navigate through these uncertain times if I use common sense. I also kept thinking about a pair of earrings I have, and She seemed pretty insistent I wear them next time I see my partner.

I sure hope I managed to contact this badass Lady! I mostly want to make sure I’m not crazy, though.

Disclaimer: I could be completely wrong as I’m inexperienced with asking for help from deities and demons alike, keep that in mind.

Was this sleep paralysis? When you felt the headband sensation? Curious. Does seem like it might have been a visit :slight_smile: hopefully by her.

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No, I could totally move around, get up, go get a glass of water, but when I did that the fire jumped around a lot less. And I sure hope it was Her; and I’m not sure who else it may be.

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Did you feel a presence to the someone? Their energy? Anything that might give you an idea if it was her? That’s the best way to know. To scan their energy.

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When I put the sliced apple & honey dish out, and when I did a “cheers” with her cup of tea to mine, that tingly goosebump feeling came back very clearly. I felt kind of a warmth when I was chatting on the couch with hopefully Her, like almost a chat you would have with a no-nonsense, but supportive friend. I THINK it was her, because I’ve read on this site ( Freya's Shrine: An Altar for Freya) that she aims to teach us self-respect as that was a part of my discussion.

Also when I was doing some candle magic a little while back to strengthen a relationship I did ask for an assist from Her, and thanked her for even just listening to my request. Then I said to myself “ok, if I see a red or green bug today (in reference to the vehicle), I’ll take that as a sign that things are going successfully and that She at least heard me.” I got home, found a little green insect dead on my window sill, then a friend of mine shared a pic of a pendant she found that was green with a gold bug on it.

Between those feelings and the series of events that happened yesterday, I’m inclined to believe it was Her, but I don’t know how to scan for energy. To me it’s like trying to read Italian when I only know a bit of French.

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Seems like you got some good signs that it was her :slight_smile:

Here’s a guide on how to scan, this is tailored towards people scanning people on this forum, but you can adapt it to scanning her energy when you evoke her:

For your situation, next time you try and evoke her/interact with her. Focus your mind on her energy (if you feel her presence, focus on what that presence feels like – images might come to your mind, emotions, sensations, feelings – all ways that your mind might interpret her energy). It could help to try and connect your 3rd eye, but honestly I just focus my attention on whatever I’m trying to scan. If you can’t sense her presence, then next time…scan your surroundings and see if anything comes up - then you might be able to sense her.

Another way to think of scanning, is about shifting to where your awareness is. Your awareness is where your consciousness is focused. Or your attention. Energy follows awareness. So next time you evoke, change your awareness to her from whatever ritual your doing.

Scanning is useful because it can help to verify what/who an entity is and to get information about that entity. Plus it can also help with communication, since information through communication can come through the same type of ways that it does during a scan (mental images, impressions, thoughts that don’t seem like your own, emotions, etc). It’ll be subtle at first but keep going. Follow your gut instinct, you seem like your pretty sure it was Freya – so trust that

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You are an absolute gem, thank you!!

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Thanks, glad to help :slight_smile: