I think beleth just came to me in a dream?

I literally just woke up from a nap & in this dream a buncha weird shit happened that makes no sense but one thing that did happen was a middle aged woman appeared next to me on a couch & i bumped into her and said excuse me and she replied with “you wanna fuck me?” And i was just like uh sure why not

Then she started tossing me around and i was thrown back into a dream version of my room paralyzed with the name BELETH ringing in my head. I know nothing about him/her. Although i am a horndog with woman problems atm

This Great King Beleth causeth all the love that may be, both of Men and of Women, until the Master Exorcist hath had his desire fulfilled

Beleth is very much about attraction and the nature thereof.

Looks like they want to help you with your woman problems


Ive already got sallos on the job. & its not an attraction problem, its choosing between several girls to actually committ.

Fuck it ill evoke her and see what she has to teach me!

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Well guys it looks like she came to me not to help w my woman problems, but to get them under control. Her words are im deviating from my path lusting after lots of women & that she came to correct it.

We reached an agreement to have 1 partner that is interested in this practice and myself. According to her i grow much more quickly when im sharing my experiences w another person and teaching them what i know.


This is good to hear. I’ve been working with Queen Beleth extensively.

She is more about Fidelity, Honesty, Stability and True Love.

She can also help you find your soulmate. This is one of her truly amazing ability.

She is very active with the Practitioner and will popup from time to time to check on you.

So if you’re looking for that or want to develop that with someone. I would say go ahead with her.

My personal experience is truly awe inspiring. One of the fastest and very potent Spirits IME.

She is FAST, she is compassionate and she is Caring.

Hope you find what makes you happy.


This is fuckin crazy dude lol

Every experience i have yall come and share yours and its very similar to my own. She is a strong spirit.

She also gave me a little hint of what my path is looking like currently. I have my eyes on someone currently and she is absolutely fascinated by my practice, and from what weve done she will learn this stuff very quickly and probably surpass me.

Only thing is i had to take her to detox saturday so her feelings are clouded by drugs. I dont want to take advantage of her even tho she admitted that she was trying to take advantage of me lol but beleth told me she will remain in my life and i will grow with her

Hail beleth!