I think Beelzebub calling me

I had dream about Beelzebub I guess.

while dreaming I was in some sort of class and it was nearly empty. We all were waiting the teacher but I had no idea about the teacher and the lesson.Anyway that’s not the case.

Then I suddenly went a place where every color is black or dark. Some of them were shining. And the place was like a palace. I was in the courtyard of a tall and very huge building. When I look down there were a lot of cities but kinda small and separeted from each other. Then he came. He was dressed like a king and he was wearing a big crown. He said that ‘I was collecting souls for hell’. I was very suprised and I asked him how he did it. He showed me a huge book and said that ‘There is a list on it which I can choose people for hell.’

And two of his assistanst called him and said that ‘we are done here’.
(I think they were working with him) After being called by his asisstants,he turned towards me and said ‘I have to go’. Then he and the other two flew into the sky like shadows.
And I woke up.

It was crazy guys.

I felt like it was him but I have never summoned Beelzebub before.

If you have any idea about that dream, feel free to share it. Thanks.