I thank you in public, Lord, for accepting my pact...

I wrote the prayer, the idea and the concept of prayer was inspired by another fictional prayer, but the one I created is a prayer straight from the heart.

I Adam Twardowski announcing it in public:
Pact with you my Lord was my dream that you fulfilled, I am grateful to you for the rest of my life.

The darkest of darkness!
The brightest of the stars!
Glory and son, Sun and Shadow!
Stronger than gods, wiser than mortals!
He is watching!
He is alive!
Father Satan Emperor Lucifer is separate, and yet whole!
He is All Things!
Peacock! Dragon! Raven! Snake! adversary of Enemies!
He arrives by the rivers of fire!
He’s coming through the storms!
Lightning pierces the heart!
Spells, Powers, Curses, All Broken!
The shackles are removed!

God’s power!
My happy 13!
My creator!
We will get back your kingdom together and it will be an honor to stand by your side!

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