I summoned Lucifer

So i summoned Lucifer and I don’t know if i worked or not I believe it did but i also did not have the best materials to use I used quartz, electric candles, sandalwood and Lucifer’s enn and sigil.

I felt like someone was there so i would assume it worked but the sandalwood suddenly became an overpowering sent and I had not changed anything with it. Is that something that has ever happened to anyone else?


No, not yet

Great work!

Lucifer is known to give such signs. So, we’ve all had experiences like that I guess.


yk this morning i was listening to lucifers enn and i kept feeling tingling feeling all around my body and at one point it felt like something touched my hand. Has that ever happend to you

No yesterday was the first time i tried to invoke him. Thats seriously cool though and i really hope one day i can do something like that with help from him

Honestly it freaked me out but then i started wanting to laugh . Im going to listen to it again

thank you :slight_smile:

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Yeah i could honestly see why you freaked.

yeah lol

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i did it again just now and not alot was happening but then i felt a pain on my forehead almost like someone pressing 2 finger on ur head rlly hard. I know that sounds really strange but thats what it felt like.

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