I still have 0 idea who to evoke

I guess…

I want to try to evoke a Kitsune. Cuase of my Japanese weeb vibe?
I’ve tried evoking Okami some time ago using the Japanese characters, as usual to no avail.

But, on the other hand. I understand Lucifer is easier to evoke ?

Yes, also me trying to evoke Raphael didn’t seem to work.

Problem is, I think I’m better at meditation as compared to before. Sense stuff.
But never spirits, or temprature etc.

So, yeah I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong at times.

Kitsune you can go through Inari, daughter of Susano’o as she’s the mother/father of kitsune.

Lucifer is only ‘easier’ because he has an enn and a sigil tbh but that doesn’t always mean he’ll show up.

though in my opinion, build a foundation first, solo it then when you feel ready and certain go for it.

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You do know actual evocation takes practice, right? It’s not like in the movies and fantasy novels where you can just pick up a book, speak some gibberish and a demon pops up in a cloud of smoke. It takes time and effort to build the necessary skills.



I get I need some kind of trance or energy work?
Still iffy, on the metgod I’m doing is right?

Rn, I’m practicing noting meditation.
I’ve found that, focus on breath does help me relax. Feel some kind of small joy.

well trances aren’t required but it’s helpful, energy work is really general and include overall awareness of your energy and energy around you/of other beings.

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Maybe you should actually take some time to look into different entities and find the one you’d really like to forge a bond with, not because it’s ‘easy’ or ‘difficult’ but because you want this?

Get to know them better, dig for some information on them, think what you’re going to ask of them or what you’re going to talk to them about. And while doing so, work on your skills. In other words, invest and approach the matter with a positive mind. And I’m sure you’ll get the result.

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