"I Sold My Soul To Satan -Wellcome To Hollywood" Documentary

I want to start my saying that I regard this video more as entertainment than instructional, but I thought it might generate some lively discussion around here:

3 people answered a Craig’s List ad and the docco follows their journey to the signing of a blood pact. The soul-seller, who is the focus, a former metal musician come film director actually signs a pact with Lucifuge Rofocale.
I doubt anyone is going to agree with what the occult “expert” says about the nature of demons, or how making a demonic pact will halt your assent on the tree of life. I wish they’d gone into greater depth, as to how she came to such a conclusion. There is plenty more I could say, but it is late and I am dog tired. I invite you all to watch the video and share your thoughts.

Well, I heard what some of the occult experts said and some are true. As far as the commitments, the journey and specifications of pacts: yes. I can’t summon or evoke any entity that doesn’t have the right authority or make a talisman to help with health while using Lunar signs- in general, at least. Wordings and sigils would be wrong.

However, for spiritual enlightenment, yeah it does inhibit travels on the Tree of Life. Isaac Luria said it was the aspirant’s goal to find the incorrect energies of the Kellipot (the shells, superficial layer) and purify that energy into the Holy Sephira in themselves. Not really the whole makings of the universe but you won’t be able to recognize that as well if don’t know it exists. Of course, even that gets into a messy debate- depending on where you go.

As far as the demon’s reason for being here: I remember the story of creation using the Tree of Life from DMK a few years ago how that God “seemed to have failed,” and the energies of the Tree became unbalanced- creating the Kellipoht. So he started over and now we have the Holy Tree of Life. And then that’s when you get into more detailed material of governing bodies (authorities) and their hosts, both angelic and demonic. At least, from what I’ve read.

Interesting documentary. I saw a few parts of it from another compilation on youtube. I’m glad you found the video.

Just speaking hypothetically, if that “ascent” is to become as one with the will of an external “God” and to be re-absorbed into it/placed out of the earth and into its Heaven, isn’t it a GOOD thing to cease inevitable ascent of that nature - like the protections a fetus has to prevent the mother’s womb reabsorbing it?

JMO, I don’t know much Tree lore but things that stop me “going to Heaven” and stop dissolution are surely what we seek after on the LHP? But yes my reply may be ignorant (in the uneducated, not wilfully obtuse, meaning of that word) so apologies. :slight_smile:

Any more details on this? I believe there is a core philosophy where all elements are needed which can be seen in different systems to form antrue Ascent and Descent free from corruption.

This is why Jewish Philosophy mixed with Greco-Egyptian Magic (and its modern spin offs) causes me so many headaches.

According to Jewish lore the “Demons” don’t really exist (this would include the gods of other cultures) or are dead. The Key of Solomon has a treatise for this. We can call and conjure them in order to get things but it is always seen as an unclean thing to do even if your HGA backs you up.

According to the Greco-Egyptian tradition the Demons are daimons (spirits that do stuff) who are under the command of various gods.

The problem came when Pico Mirandola tried to marry Jewish Traditions to Christian Traditions in order to facilitate the conversion of Jews. The only problem is that they don’t quite mesh together as easily as he hoped.

So working with demons will not hinder one’s progress as you are supposed to work with demons. The whole “accent” process is meant for one to come to an understanding of God (The Source, The God Above God…etc) and how we are one with it. The absorption and dissipation into God is the process of having what is base about yourself dissolved and being reformatted to act as God in the World. The ancients described this as rising up through the Heavens and returning in power.

Spending time with demons won’t hinder that process if you don’t let it. However they are quite like shiny objects and can distract folks which is why it is recommended to work your way “up” first so you are used to wielding power and energy while remaining balanced.

Good post Orismen. The first few parts of your post describe why the western esoteric tradition is such a mess, imo.


I think the best course for someone who is looking to start down the WMTs is to strip all they know down till they are left with Gecro-Egyptian Magic and work their way up to modern day.

I agree with you, better to start off with the GMP, Kent’s Geosophia and TG along with a copy of the Goetia and try to work it more along the lines of the GMP then anything else. I blame Golden Dawn and Crowley for a lot of this. I think the Western tradition was along more simple before as Geosophia points out.

I love all this stuff, my various gods, demons, angels etc., but what my Uncle is telling me is that he just held his heart out and called upon the Prince of Darkness, Satan by name and Devil by nature, and I can’t share too much but he lived into his nineties with a happy healthy family, money, respect, accomplishment… this was at the start of the LAST century when no-one gave a flying fuck about ancient Sumerian or whatever-the-gnosis, he just called on the Prince of Darkness and he fucking came (sorry about the swearing Arcane but hell damn!) and he MADE IT WORK.

I’ve seen his child/ren (yes I’m keeping it obscure, this is their dad) and they’re beautiful, decent people, and they all have kids of their own…

Yes I like the academic stuff, but damn, he’s surpassed this - and then got to roam free-form in the astral after his “death,” making evident contact with old mates who knew and THEN finding me, distant blood rellie, and forming a new relationship, and I can tell you he’s not stopping here!

So it’s nice to debate, good to analyse etc., but never forget results kick the ass of theory, something I know myself from this stuff. :slight_smile: