I sold my soul. Break pact with satan? Am I going to hell?. Is satan just a thought form?

Blood is better for pacts I would say.

He’s got himself in enough trouble with blood, I would think. :thinking:


@Lady_Eva I suppose you are right. His choice at the end of the day.

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Eb Working With My Uncle

Thanks for the replies. I have a few questions before I proceed

Can I use a black marker?

Do I have to renegotiate the pact or can I ask to be free from it?.

What exactly do I do after drawling the sigil and lighting a black candle?

Do I need any type of black candle or does it have to be tapered or special in any sort of way

Update: Can I still sell my soul to Lucifer or am I stuck with satan?. How exactly should I go about this.

Am I going to hell or torture regardless of what I do? and final question would be should I use the satan cigil or the one from your uncle… or both. Thank you

Cajunjay. I don’t know. I should have. Does anyone know if I can swap pacts with Lucifer. I was out of my mind. The curse caused voices… and didn’t know what I was doing. I never even believed in hell at the time.

Can I still sell my soul to Lucifer or am I stuck with satan. How exactly should I go about this.


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I’m not sure you can break the pact just like that. From my experience, it requires a lot of hard workings.

You have to study sigil magic, there is no a simple answer.

No, just a plain, simple black candle.

You can talk with Lucifer and see how it goes.

JC traditions made up a story about hell to keep people in fear.

I hope it helps.

Best wishes!

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How do you talk to lucifer. You can hear him talk?. Also When I went to the jail it was full of torture tho. It was like I had stepped into the twilight zone after selling my soul. How can you be so sure that hell isnt real in those regards?.

Through the invocations or evocations. It requires some psychic skills if you really want to see him and talk to him like to a real person. But, for many people, it goes through the signs, dreams and life events.

Life on Earth can be really hellish. I’m not 100% sure of anything, but could you trust my words until you find it out on your own.

I got the supplies I needed to do this… However does a black scented candle work?. Thanks

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It works well.

You’re welcome!

[quote=“787400xps, post:69, topic:19538”]
Thanks for the replies. I have a few questions before I proceed

Can I use a black marker?[/quote]


“Have to” is the wrong approach. Work out what you want and what you believe is possible, proceed from there.

Is described in the link I gave you to the article by by E.A.

If it needed to be special in some way beyond being solid black or solid red, I would have told you.

Make contact with the spirit, ask them.

Try reading this for some insight:

You use the SIGIL to call the spirit you wish to communicate with, think of it like a phone number.

So, do you call Satan’s “number” to speak to Varnaxis?

Does that make sense?

Please read this:


I drew a sigil and got a candle. Nothings really happend. I asked a few questions and gazed at it but no response. What exactly am I looking for?.

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Do your best not to think about the riual.
You will receive the sign, IMO, when you don’t expect.
Stay calm and try to be relaxed.

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Hi again.

Can I ask you do you meditate, and if so how long for each day and for how long overall.

Just asking as I want to try helping you here.

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Yes, I have my daily meditation (not less than 30 minutes).
I started when I was very young, now I’m 47 :slight_smile:

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I was asking 787400xps

But that’s cool, I been meditating for 5 years and I’m 39.

Finding this path and looking at it from a wider awareness from meditation has been well worth it.

Anybody that does at least some meditation can enter the TGS without much difficulty.

I hope this guy takes us guys advice, he may fall into a bad place if he doesn’t start looking at this more seriously.

I’m as much a beginner as him but I cannot help the way I am, the rules are you shouldn’t dabble in these things blindly.


Funny, but beginners usually can’t make so much damage to themselves as experienced ones. :joy:

This is what I got so far. That’s the right symbol for your uncle, right?. I had asked questions and wrote out some of the things I want. I said I was not well at the time… Am I missing anything? Thank you

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